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8 years ago#1
Does anyone know a link to a list of all quest related dungeons, caves, and forts. I have decided that I need to start a new character because I went into Forsaken Mine before I was given the quest that relates to it.

This is a problem because now the game is glitched and I cannot recieve anymore quests related to that quest line.

I need a list of all quest related dungeons, caves, forts, mines etc. so I can prevent this in the future.
8 years ago#2

Best Oblivion site out there...
8 years ago#3
yeah i checked that site but I was hoping more for a page that displayed all of them instead of having to go from page to page and getting information that way

would be easier if it was all on one page
8 years ago#4
You should still be able to finish that quest. That happened to me before and I was fine. I also just checked and it said you're able to get into the cave before doing the quest and nothing bad will happen. Unless you're talking about Swampy Cave. That cave definitely glitches if you go in there before the related quest. But you should be fine with Forsaken Mine. Anyway, I don't have a page of all the quest-related caves, but I can tell you to watch out for Swampy Cave and the Brina Cross Inn. Don't go in either before the related quest (fighters guild for Swampy Cave and mages guild for Brina Cross Inn).
8 years ago#5
So what should I do?

****Fighter's Guild Spoilers******

I just finished the quest where you find the second donton brother dead and your supposed to get demoted when you go to anvil, but I don't get demoted and there are no contracts for me to do in anvil. I saved the game before heading to anvil and after that did the contracts for Burz in Cheydinhal, went back to anvil and still no contracts and nothing being said about me being demoted.
8 years ago#6
nevermind it's glitched for sure, im starting a new character but am building a list of all quest related places and making sure never to go these places unless a quest asks me to. yeah
8 years ago#7
I made the list if you want to see it here it is:

Quest Related Locations:
Mines and Caves:

Boreal Stone Cave
Serpentís Trail
Redguard Valley Cave
Memorial Cave
Sandstone Cave
Frostfire Cave
Gutted Mine
Bleak Mine
Howling Cave
Tidewater Cave
Moss Rock Cavern
Cracked Wood Cave
Timberscar Cave
Bramblepoint Cave
Exhausted Mine
Desolate Mine
Fallen Rock Cave
Hrota Cave
Amelion Tomb
Nonwyll Cavern
Robberís Glen Cave
Bloodmayne Cave
Brittlerock Cave
Forsaken Mine
Swampy Cave
Glademist Cave
Bleak Flats Cave
Wellspring Cave
Dark Fissure Cave
Bloodcrust Cavern
Echo Cave
Leafrot Cave
Muck Valley Cavern
Flooded Mine
Underpall Cave
8 years ago#8

Fort Grief
Arkvedís Tower
Fort Caractacus
Fort Blueblood
Fort Ontus
Fort Teleman
Fort Sutch
Fort Farragut
Fort Redman
Fort Bulwark
8 years ago#9
Ayleid Ruins:

Nenyond Twill
Garlas Malatar
8 years ago#10
All other places:

Gweden Farm
Whitmond Farm
Mouth of the Panther
Roland Jensericís house
Lake Rumare
Fishermanís Rock
White Stallion Lodge
Aerinís Camp
Pells Gate
Harcaneís Grove
Lord Dradís Estate
Bleakerís Way
Brindle Home
Border Watch
Lord Rugdumphs Estate
Brina Cross Inn
Cloud Top
Temple of the Ancestor Moths
Fathas Arenís Tower
Beneath the Bloodworks
Inn of Ill Omen
Hero Hill
Drunken Dragon Inn
Gnoll Mountain
Priory of the Nine
Shrine of Kynareth
Grove of Trials
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