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8 years ago#1
I've played many, but here are my newest that I'd like to hear some thoughts on.

Punished - Someone who is forced by the Gods to walk the path of divine cleansing and must defeat every oblivion gate with nothing but a tattered white robe and a basic weapon. He or she is unable to speak, as they cannot ask for help, and they must rely entirely on their own skill and the will of the Nine Divines to survive.

Streetrat - A petty thief who 'steals' information that he/she hears on the street and receives a small reward when delivered to someone of interest. (Steal the reward. ;D) He/she also has a silver tongue and is able to talk his or her way out of most situations, and can trick and twist the minds of others with illusion.

Any other ideas? Thoughts about mine?
8 years ago#2
Priest/Priestess Of Mercy - Someone who wants only to bring peace to the people of Cyrodil. He/she gives freely to beggars, helps those in needs and never takes life. They are skilled with healing spells and spend much time in the arts of alchemy, healing, armor repair and other artisan tasks.
8 years ago#3
Mummer - A performer who is talented at acrobatics, illusion and basic destruction, using his/her talents to amuse and delight crowds. Climb chapels, blast fireballs, hypnotize innocent onlookers... and steal your reward at the end. :) Perhaps you are part of a traveling circus that was attacked and separated, and now seek to find your companions.

Chef - Someone who collects the flora and fauna of Cyrodil and prepares it for the most distinguished palates. Work in a palace kitchen where, every morning, you wake at 4 AM to bake bread and prepare breakfast for your majesty. When not cooking, you may like to read 'cookbooks' or wander the markets and fields to find new spices for your culinary creations.

Death-Seer - Someone who experiences visions of who must be next to die, in order to appease their lord. (Sithis, Mehrunes Dagon, ect.) These people must die in specific ways, and the seer must carry out the 'sacrifices.' On the other hand, perhaps you are maddened by this visions, and want only to stop these deaths from happening by keeping a constant guard on your protege.

Hotel Manager - After completing The Siren's Deception, take over Gweden Farm and give it new life. Lay out meals, silverware and other paraphernalia as you work to keep your guests (followers) comfortable and pleased. Wash dishes, create new foods, entertain, perhaps even take your guests on 'tours' of the majesty of Anvil's shores.

Runist - Someone who creates new spells by meeting certain conditions. (Creating a bone circle in a rainstorm, starving self for three days, sacrificing three vampires, ect.) Spells created have a direct effect to what conditions are meet. (Such as Bone circle resulting in a spell that guards the caster in a 'shield' of bone, or a spell that restores fatigue and gives an energy boost after a fast.)

I am having WAY too much fun here. :D
8 years ago#4
Sadist 'n' Thieve- After defeating Mehrune Dagon, There is very less corruption left in the world of Cyrodiil. But your soul urge for excitement so you wanted to destroy more corruption. One day, you Overheard that the thieve guild is still corrupting the world and there you go with a risky adventure. Wanting to fight and defeat Gray fox, you hunt for better items and weapons and you came upon a Daedric Set. The set was so powerful that it brainwash your soul into evil. You joined the Thieve guild and work evil deeds to be the guild leader, You gotten the "Gray Cowl of Nocturnal" to switch identities, than you go around stealing and slaying anyone in your way with the "Gray Cowl" and no one knew it is the Champion of Cyrodiil and he live forever with the power of the "Gray Cowl of Nocturnal" and the "Daedric Items".
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8 years ago#5
Nice one. :D

Forgotten Royalty - Live in Crowhaven after eliminating the vampires there, and roleplay the life of royalty - served by ghost servants.
He/she believes that everything is as it was thousands of years ago but, in truth, their loved ones have long since died out and thier castle has become a ruin. Perhaps a certain event - a bird flying into the window, a ghost delivering a message - alerts you to the outside world, and you must choose between a life on knowledge-less, dead bliss or garish reality...
8 years ago#6
Break into houses and throw plates and books and everything around and run out before day hits!
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8 years ago#7
Or you could just use a spell with an area of effect. Kinda fun to do in bookstores where you walk in the middle of three bookcases, cast it, and every book is upturned and out of place. ^_^
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8 years ago#8
Okay, now I totally have to try those. Boss. :D CHAOS AND DOOM IN THE FORM OF FLYING BOOKS!
8 years ago#9
It's also fun in alchemy stores and taverns and many areas in mages guilds (try some of the downstairs rooms in the Bruma Mages' Guild), just make sure no one is in the area of effect radius when you cast, its not worth a 40 gold fine when you have a ton of stolen keys and so on ;).
"The red shoe tastes the best, but the purple one's not bad either. I don't like the green one." -A Friend
8 years ago#10
Speaking of roleplaying, anyone know of a castle that gives both an accessible cooking space AND sleeping/servants quarters? I can find one in each, not both. :P
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