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7 years ago#11
Ya....basically I wanted to make a speech-savy Dutchess who dueled with cutlass, used a bow and snuck well for intrigues and social espionage! Since all skills are at my fingertips there simply wasn't any restriction. Now I'm a summoning master and Claymore wielding, Ebony Armor loving knight when I want to be. lol...every character is a jack/jill of all trades WITHOUT restriction. Kinda OP in a way. And as much as I like fast travel I think it should be a little more limited. Dunno how but it shouldn;t be that easy IMO.
7 years ago#12
And as much as I like fast travel I think it should be a little more limited. Dunno how but it shouldn;t be that easy IMO.

They could do it where you can only fast travel between cities and you have to go everywhere else on foot/horse.
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7 years ago#13
Taken from the OTHER Oblivion wiki:

Upon taking a Goblin totem staff of your own, you have two options; sell it, or have some fun at the Goblin's expense. To do this, simply deposit the staff anywhere at all, and the staff's respective clan will clamber around the area to protect it, no matter how far away it is. Alternatively, placing a goblin staff at a settlement, or within a city causes the clan to attack whoever is near (note that the Goblins will likely kill many, so it is not recommended that you save after doing this as many shopkeepers, guild members etc can be killed). Another option is to leave the staff near to, or within, another Goblin clan's cave, and the two will thus combat each other. Stealing all the staffs in the game and putting them in one place may seem fun, but remember that such an action would cause a lot of lagging with so many Goblins on screen at once, so be careful not to overdo it.

Of course, this is only a small list of examples of what can be done. Stealing the totem staves and placing them all around Cyrodiil can be endlessly fun. Caves filled with the most powerful of enemies are also entertaining ideas, as are placing them at Daedra-infested Ayleid Ruins, or even within Cloud Ruler Temple, home of The Blades themselves. Entertain yourselves by coming up with your own ideas, though don't forget that a staff can be sold for a considerable sum, which is also an option worth considering if you're after quick and easy money.
7 years ago#14
So ya..wow.....it seemsmuch fun can be had with them. I carried the one I have around for a week in game, and no Goblins attacked me. Tonight I'll try what this wiki suggests.....placing the totem in any ol' place and seeing if the Goblins come and cause trouble there. IF this works.....then Vevilia will have a powerful tool for her future conquest of Cyrodiil. Ahhh... Goblin armies.....that's classic evil Queen shenanigans right there. Looking forward to this... >:3
7 years ago#15

"Goblins tend to live in groups in underground caves, abandoned mines and ancient ruins, the entrances of which are often guarded and decorated with at least one stake with human skulls on it driven into the ground. They are the most sophisticated creatures in the game, with many goblins having a rank and job in the group.

About half of the goblins belong to one of eight tribes. Tribes represent the high point of goblin culture in the game and follow several rules. Each tribe has its own home base cave, shaman, war chief and tribal totem staff. All members of a tribe have a tribal symbol visible on their upper right arm. Members of any tribe hate members of all other tribes. However, they will tolerate goblins who do not belong to any tribes.

The shaman functions as a spiritual leader who guards the tribe's sacred totem staff. The totem is a magic staff that belongs to the tribe (although the totems all look identical, each tribe recognizes its own totem). The shaman rarely leaves the cave and does not respawn. If one is killed, the tribe is without a spiritual leader and will no longer go to war over their totem. Each tribe also has a war chief as their military leader. Stealing a goblin tribe's totem and hiding or placing it somewhere will not start a war though, due to distance restrictions built into the game. The only wars that occur without a mod are the ones in the Goblin Trouble quest.

Totems are kept in a specially designated place in the deepest part of the cave. Captured totems are also kept in a designated place about two thirds of the way into the cave.

The Bitterfish Tribe is the main exception to goblin tribal culture. It does not have a war chief, totem, or tribal symbol in the game. The White Skin tribe does not have a shaman, but it does have a Breton named Goblin Jim as its spiritual leader."
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7 years ago#16
hmm...they contradict each other. So....perhaps what happens is....you can;t start a WAR but if you place a totem staff somewhere will goblins come and hang around it, as the other Wiki suggests? Tsk..disinformation. I'll still have to try it myself I suppose.
7 years ago#17
The only wiki you should use is UESP.
"Wrong again, idiot." ~ Prof. Farnsworth
7 years ago#18
Hmph. So no controlling Goblin migration? Sad....
7 years ago#19
But I can at least re-start the war featured in Goblin Trouble. I spared the Shaman and her entire tribe....so it should still work ok. That'll be fun....tho far less fun than causing a goblin riot in the middle of poor, victimized Borderwatch! >:D
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