Please elaborate on leveling up too much.

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3 years ago#1
I'm considering getting this game to play before Skyrim. I saw people say that if you level up too much the game gets too hard. That sounds really odd. Could someone elaborate or tell me if this is B.S.? Is Skyrim the same way?
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3 years ago#2
I don't know about this game (I just started with it) but in Skyrim if you level up a lot, the game becomes easy.
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3 years ago#3
Enemies level up with you in this game. As you become stronger, you'll start to see more powerful monsters and other people with better armor and weapons.
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3 years ago#4
Generally speaking, because more or less every enemy in oblivion is levelscaled ( combat attributes are dependant on player level ) in one way or another, playing the game on level 1 is very easy since youŽll mostly run into wolves, imps, skeletons and weak bandits.

Every time you level up the world around you will "follow" and enemies will get improved attributes. This is of critical importance since enemy attributes are dependant on the playerŽs level and not the player's attributes.

Each time you do level up you are able to improve 3 attributes and these improvement will be the source to your overall improvement. Each attribute in turn are governing 3 skills ( except luck that has no skills tied to it ). How much you can improve an attribute at level up is dependant on how much you have improved the skills tied to the attribute in question ( this sounds more complicated in writing, than what it is in real gameplay ).

For each level attributes can be improved by 1 to 5 points. Every skill improvement count as 0,5 point to the attribute. Raising the skills tied to the selected attribute 10 times will give the maximum value of 5 points increase.

Attribute: Strength ( governs the skills: Blade, Blunt and Hand-to-hand )
Say you raise as follows: Blunt 5, Blade 2, Hand-to-hand 3. In this case you have raised the skills 10 times totally and you will be able to increase your str attribute by 5 points at level up.

If you on the other hand would raise the skills like this: Blunt 1, Blade 2, Hand-to-hand 1
that would mean you would only be able to increase str by 2 points ( 0,5 x 4 ).

If you play as a meele fighter ( whose play-style is making good use of the Str attribute )there will be a big difference in performance if you can increase a key attribute by 5 points compared to only 2, especially when comparing over many levels.

In short, in oblivion youŽll only get better at the things you are actually doing. If you raise levels by only increasing non-combat skills you will not become a better fighter by simply raising your level, and the game will subsequently become harder ( because enemies will be stronger... ).

Skyrim is using a much more standardized leveling system. There are only three attributes ( health, magicka, stamina ) and each level comes with the opportunity to activate "perk". There are no major or minor skills ( you only have to increase skills in general to gain a level ) and especially in early game you can activate perks that has nothing to do whatsoever with skills youŽve been improving. Overall you canŽt go wrong with leveling in skyrim ( unless you completely mess up your selected perks ).

Most of us will end up leveling considerably faster in skyrim, compared to oblivion.
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3 years ago#5
Ya, what that guy said. The first time I played I leveled myself right into the ground. I though by leveling was I getting better, but so was everything else. Really you just have to make sure you get a good amount of atribute points at each level and you will be ok. This is a great game, but the leveling is...different.
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