Ladies of Island of Happiness: Marriage & Dating FAQ V2

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I have a problem! Okay, so I'm trying to marry Natalie. I have her up to the green heart. But I messed up and said that Natalie's way was the best in the first blue heart event. And on it says that if you choose the one I chose, you go to the second yellow heart event where you try her cake or whatever she made. But it won't trigger. What am I doing wrong?

I already have the forest unlocked, so she doesn't go into East Town on Mondays like she used to. Is there a certain time of day, weather thing, that isn't listed on any of the faqs, that'll help me. I've tried everyday from 6 - 10 am, and NOTHING. Help, please!!!!!!!

I don't want Pierre to take her from me!
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Hooray! At 6:20 am on a very sunny Friday morning, the event happened. I don't know why it took so long though.

Just thought I'd update this so people knew if they had the same problem.
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argh! I'm trying for Chelsea....but I answered wrong on the second I can't find her at all, she isn't at the Inn or Hotel....
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There's already an FAQ listed amongst the FAQs for this game on this website on both the males and females of the game. In fact, there are two.. the Marriage FAQ by Mistress_Zelda_ and the main game FAQ by Warfreak.
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I married, was it Karen on N64? I think that's who it was. Blonde chica that lived at that vineyard.
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