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8 years ago#1
Lets get some facts out the way first. Also note this is basically a rough drift, of how I thought to get to this point, and is very confusing so if you want to just get to the base vaules, just scroll down to the last post I make. If you want to check my math(I am horrible at math but I put alot of time into these vaules so I am 90% sure most are right, and even if not I believe the end result will come out to what I came out with)

The earilest I personally ever gotten the bridge built over to the mine was at the 21st of spring(asked to be built on the 20th) I HAVE heard on fogu that someone had the bridge built on the 20th(asked to be built on the 19th) so I'll use the 20th as the starting point.

If you somehow got the barn on the day directly AFTER the 20th(21st then) you would have exactly 53 days to get your cow to 7 hearts. (Mirbelle comes a day before and takes the cow away so you lose that day.)

Ok 53 days we have if you(at this very point in time) have done everything perfectly. Lets go over now the vaules of each action you can do to increase your cows love meter.

Pushing your cow out in very sunny/fair weather gets 0.2+LP per HOUR.
Pushing your cow out in cloudy weather gets 0.1+LP per HOUR.
Brushing your cow will rank in 3+LP (standard)
Talking to your cow will rank in 1+LP
Ringing the bell to your cow will rank in 1+LP (once a day)
Milking your cow will rank in 1+LP (once per day IF your cow can be milked. Standard)

Those above vaules are taken STRAIGHT from the guide from Brady games.

Ok now there is special milking/brushing for the cow.
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8 years ago#2
It takes ATLEAST 18 days for the calf to grow into an adult cow(you get it meduim when you buy it) so if you acually build your barn(on the 20th) then the 21st is when you are able to get your cow. It CANNOT be milked so those LP+milking game cannot be counted for 18+ days now. At this point, you dont have any wonderfuls, maybe one yellow wonderful which I will get into later(just doing standard tools)

You will end up on the 9th of summer, with a cow who has 96LP(not even one heart, also not counting letting outside) Now your cow can be milked! that is an extra 1+LP. If you go now through using just: Talking+brushing+milking+ringing the bell once, that gets you 7+LP each day instead of 6. Another 18 days pass(with milking added in, standard) and that gives you 114LP. That gives you a total of 210LP at summer 27th. You guessed it, with no wonderfuls added in, getting the barn as fast as possible + the bridge to get wonderfuls.

you CANNOT win the Festival.(I know its kind of weird to say that, and include "with bridge" when i didnt include wonderfuls but i'll explain and do the next part now)

*Please do not post*
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8 years ago#3
Ok so we have a cow at the 21st of spring. GREAT! You got the bridge unlocked to go to the mine, great!
Early possible wonderful will be from the mine. 21st of spring, yellow wonderful. Good work.
23rd another one(mine).
25th another one(mine) (3 total now.) On the max standard slot for a brush you can ONLY have 3 slots at year one. So what do we do? get an Indigo wonderful to increase the slots! (Add two yellow to the brush + the Indigo, then add the third one) so now our brush can hold to 8!, yes EIGHT wonderfuls now. (7 yellow only becuase one of the slots has to be an Indigo one)
27th Indigo wonderful (see above why.)
28th win the crop festival (4th yellow wonderful)
29th (make sure to go in the mine and get the repice out of the way on the 28th, so the 29th you can get your 5th yellow wonderful from the mine)
In spring, you can get a total of 6 wonderfuls. 1 from winning the crop festival and 5 from the mine (if you take the time to do it.) Now our brush can only hold 8 slots right? we have a total of 6 now. Two more and we cant fit anymore unless we add in an Indigo again to it)
Summer 1st another one(6th yellow wonderful)
3rd another one(7th and final yellow wonderful)

Ok NOW this is where the math will REALLY hurt your brian. Max amount of LP from a brush that is 7 yellow wonderful + 1 Indigo one to increase the slots so your able to have 7 yellows on (brush) is 10LP per day. Milker is only 7LP per day since the base vaule is 1, not 3 like the brush. That is 17 LP from two tools alone. You have to switch the wonderfuls back and forth in order to get this vaule from the tools. You WONT be able to on days that are festival and fridays. Talking to your cow increases it to 18, and ringing the bell once increases it to 19. Now lets be fair, and say your cow gains 1LP per day on average throughout summer and fall. (Fall will balance it out since it can be cloud/rainy often, while summer will often be fairy/very sunny so, just an average!) That is 20 LP per day that isnt firday/festival days.

Now we got that out of the way, lets get to the bottem line which I am sure that is why you are reading this topic of really long/confusing topic. 20LP a day starting from the -9th- of summer only, will net you about 120LP a week.
The 15th you wont be able to get the full 20LP since the mining festival happens.
Summer crop festival happens on the 29th so you wont be able to get the full 20LP.
The harvest festival falls on the 8th of fall, you wont be able to get the full 20LP then.
Also, for the cow festival, Mirabelle like I explained above comes the 15th, and gets your cow if your entering, so you wont even be able to touch your cow on the 15th, so your last day is acutally the 14th.
You will ONLY average out to about 5 hearts. This is NOT counting the exact weather you will have for all these days, the special milking/petting game, and increaseing the slotes PAST 8 with another ingo wonderful.

You CANNOT win the festival if you go even this far.
Is it worth to try to win the cow festival in the first year? If you have alot of time on your hands, yeah. Is it possible? It may be, if you increase your brush/milker slots past 8. I did enough math as it is, so I am going to stop here but hopefully this will shine some light on some hopeful farmers.
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8 years ago#4
And there you have it. You can post now. It may be somewhat useful, but I was very interested in this and I decided to post my findings. :)

Note as I said, these are averages. Even given the perfect settings, I doubt you can do it with 8 slotted brush/milker. Unless there is a way to get the special milking/and or petting game everyday. Then I think it is possible.
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8 years ago#5
wow.. thax so much for this, its a bit confusing but thanks this is helpful
8 years ago#6
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