Growing Grass?

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7 years ago#1
Can anyone tell me why my grass decided to die? I started it growing in Fall, it got past the seed stage, then Winter came and it got covered in snow, but then it began to grow again in Spring and grew nice and green once more. Unfortunately, about mid-Spring I woke up and it was all dead for no apparent reason. I never got to Harvest it once!
7 years ago#2
OK, I think I got this. When the grass regrows in the spring, water it. It needs to be watered every now and then to grow properly, just like ant other crop.
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7 years ago#3
It's like any other crop with water/sun requirements. too much sun and/or water and it will die. this happened to me and I reloaded my game to the night before, harvested the grass, and then the next day the grass was back to stage 2 and continued to grow.
7 years ago#4
Ok, thanks. I'v just never played a Harvest Moon where you have to water your Grass.
7 years ago#5
It needs very little water, tho - about 1 time every 4 days till it grows fully. Any more with all those spring rains will kill it.

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