Does NS2 play like old school NS?

#1DavidFathPosted 10/5/2012 4:06:37 PM
I really like the first Natural Selection, where a lot of matches can go on for as long as a hour and win or lose, it was gratifying. But then Natural Selection Combat came out which I didn't enjoy. It was like the NS version of fy_iceworld...kind of mindless and frantic. I wouldn't mind it so much but things were tweaked for Combat and these tweaks carried over to the regular NS game which wasn't as fun to play afterwards. Losing teams were much less likely to amount a comeback. You can get a good feel of who will win within the first 15 minutes. And before the 25 minute mark, the winning team usually would have by then rape whatever resources the other team had left. So in a way, the games now felt predetermined. Before Combat, the games felt like a tug-of-war between each team--grind matches where the tide keeps going back and forth and that was what made the game so much fun for me.

I haven't played the beta and am waiting for this game to come out but those who played the beta--is it similar to NS before or after Combat? I will be playing it regardless, but would very much like the games to play more like old school NS.