Gamespot review pulled for inaccuracies

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sm0kiE posted...
Yeah, that sucks hard. Now there will be less players, less sales, and less life span of this game.

I don't think so regarding the life span. Natural Selection has one of the most dedicated communities you will ever see. We're talking hardcore dedication, not just serious fans. Even if 95% of the community dies out, there will always be a handful of full servers running years from now. NS1 had full servers going nearly 10 years after its release as mod for HL1 until more and more players started switching over to the NS2 beta once it became featured enough. There's still a good number of servers, though.

That said, things have changed in the Steam age. Killing Floor had an okay launch, but it grew to be extremely popular and still has massive spikes in activity each time there's a sale, free weekend or content update.
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