Whats yalls take on the balance of the game?

#1Baki187Posted 11/16/2012 7:27:01 AM(edited)
I think it is actually pretty balanced right now but IMO the game could evolve from early to mid to late game better.

Ive been reading the NS 2 fourms and alot of people feel the balance is off for onos egg drops, and commander droping things ingeneral.

I think a better fix would be to try and make the progression from early to late game take longer, but taking out drops for weapons/lifeforms would do that alone and im not all against it I just feel drops should be balanced rather than taken out completely.

Make commander tech for it or make it cost double so the risk reward is greater and you *Edit*cant drop so many exo's/onos so quickly.

Balance is good IMO though so changes could be made like I think jetpacks should cost more to research and to buy and flame throwers should do more damge over time to aliens.