First thing all PC users should do (cfg tweaks)

#1ogresamanosukePosted 3/18/2010 12:22:00 AM
Well, first thing after installing and launching the game once to put in your settings. Once you have the video and controls where you want, do this.
1) Go to your My Documents folder, and turn on Show Hidden Files in folder options.
2) Go to AppData / Local / 4A Games / Metro 2033 and open user.cfg
3a) Search for r_gi 0 and set it to 1. (Trust me.)
b) Next search for r_vsync off and change it to on.
c) And lastly go down to sick_fov 45 and change it to 60.
4) Save file. Ctrl+C to copy it, and go to Steam / Userdata and do a file search for user.cfg
5) When and if it finds it (should), paste the file over to ensure settings propigate.

What this does:
Setting A turns on Global Illumination. Now, if you're running a weaker CPU, this might actually be a performance hit, but in most cases it actually acts as a gain. It changes the lighting to a different system that works better with DX10 and 11. So if you're running DX9, I'd recommend against this change. For a full discussion on how dramatic this changes lighting ingame, check Wikipedia.
Setting B is Vsync. Fairly obvious, but the FPS gains are dramatic and prevents screen tearing. Discussion currently seems to believe the reason for the massive FPS gain is the with vsync on, all 3D display tech turns off, and since no drivers to use it anyway, no reason not to use this.
Setting C is Field of View change. This is most noticeable on widescreen displays. This one is up to you, but with so many complaints about naseua from having such a tight FoV, here you go. If you are fine with the cramped screen, ignore this or change it back. I still recommend it though, as things like your pnuematic weapon pressure displays frequently go offscreen with 45 degree FoV.
Zelda games suck. And thier fans are closet cases.
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#2crysisanityPosted 3/18/2010 12:44:58 AM
I can confirm that 75 is waaay to high a fov for 16:9, surprisingly. You're hands look like twigs and the backs of rifle stocks are clearly visible =/

TY ogre!
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#3Mupod NegnirtPosted 3/18/2010 12:47:07 AM
Do you have any idea how I can enable DX10 motion blur while maintaining everything else at 'high' settings?

The vsync suggestion sounds too good to be true but hopefully it's as good as you say.
#4ogresamanosuke(Topic Creator)Posted 3/18/2010 1:00:22 AM
I'm still trying to figure out what some of the commands do. Blur in particular is weird since the only 2 settings the expressly mention it, one is always off and the other always has a value. I'll see what I can figure out. As for the Vsync, everyone I've told to do it has noticed a massive FPS upgrade, so I'm gonna side with the Steam forums in saying that it's a more massive increase than it should be.
Zelda games suck. And thier fans are closet cases.
There. I said it. You may go on now.
#5Mupod NegnirtPosted 3/18/2010 1:04:31 AM
Yeah, just tried these out.

My specs: Athlon 64 x2 6000+, asus 1 gig 4870, 6 gigs DDR800, win7 x64

r_gi 1 did not help, in fact it made things a lot worse. Turned it off and tried again.

The FOV change is wonderful.

I really have no idea why vsync improved my framerate but it improved a LOT. I just so happened to have my last save right before a big firefight. Before, if I had things set to very high it would chug in a small-scale fight against 3 or 4 enemies. Now with very high+vsync I had something like 4 humans against a huge group of those..nos...whatever things. Ran perfectly. Jesus, this makes me want to restart the whole game on these settings.

Oh, any way to skip the intro movies?
#6mufaaPosted 3/18/2010 1:07:28 AM

Setting A...does it improve the lightning effects or dials down the visual candy for more fps?

#7NiteFeverPosted 3/18/2010 1:18:47 AM
r_gi was not in my config file. so i just added it anyways.

also set on to unlimited ammo.. haha

thx for the tips
#8giocarePosted 3/18/2010 1:23:01 AM
GI gave me more fps only in areas without light sources. Around fire and lamps it dropped a lot.
#9crysisanityPosted 3/18/2010 1:49:54 AM
GI will also screw up laser sights, as in the rest of the screen flashes red in 4 blocks, hard to describe but you don't want to have it enabled with laser sighted weapons.
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#10ChargrilledPosted 3/18/2010 2:26:49 AM
tagging this so i can implement the changes when i get the game.