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StickyBad Company FAQs (PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING) (Sticky)
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StickyA few FAQs answered for any snipers out there. (keep bumped/sticky) (Sticky)
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This is a REAL BF game (Archived)Jiggysan1055/14/2014
Is this game still active at all? (Archived)Cyborg1000311/13/2013
When the characters die in a vehicle, why is the destroyed vehicle still there? (Archived)scowl_owl_216/24/2013
Has anyone fonud the secret video in this game? (Archived)sonic_man0023/21/2013
a Bad Company TV show? (Archived)monsterlord-18110/8/2012
New Player (Archived)pelon21339/25/2012
This is my favorite BF game. Anyone up for a match? (Archived)alifbaa39/9/2012
What is the best SMG to use? (Archived)Purple_Tater49/2/2012
Hello? (Archived)
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Holy spawn killing! (Archived)jmgordon9915/29/2012
Is anyone still playing this online? (Archived)jmgordon9955/13/2012
this board is dead & i just got this for $2 (Archived)zaiwen24/11/2012
Boosting (Archived)INFORTHEKILL9234/11/2012
Can't get F2000 (Archived)EJ425813/2/2012
"Failed to Create Account" (Archived)azulmono5522/28/2012
Is the game as dead as these boards? (Archived)BottledWater0562/21/2012
How long before EA shuts down the servers? (Archived)jmgordon99312/3/2011
Online People (Archived)Link2Kev211/19/2011
bad company 1 (Archived)hess47110/24/2011
looking for squadmates (Archived)doggy47perfecto19/13/2011
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