if anyones wondering yes there are still people playing this

#1helldewPosted 1/29/2012 12:37:20 AM
despite the GFAQS message board being really dead i was playing it earlier today and it was rather active. i found a full server of people and it was a blast. sure the skill level isnt as great as this game was in its prime but i had a blast playing it like always. if your wondering if its still active enough to be playable trust me it is. especially if you live in US/Canada. (i live in canada BTW). i let a friend of mine borrow this and was playing it at his house i think i may buy him a copy cause man i miss this game. This and BF2MC were the bomb.
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#2alchemy60Posted 1/30/2012 3:00:07 PM
I still have the game and want to try to platinum it but sadly alot of the wildcards left are pretty tough for me: 20 headsets in a row(or in one match), 4 roadkills with a chopper and 52 kills in a round is pretty tough