Did anybody fall for the prostitute? [spoilers]

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User Info: VenomSource

7 years ago#1
I did. I lost 41 military grade rounds. :(


User Info: Zukkus

7 years ago#2
Yeah, I only lost 17 rounds.
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User Info: schindigg

7 years ago#3
yeah i did, teh big dude took all my money when i woke up, like 45 ammo :(

love this game
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User Info: WrathofAchilles

7 years ago#4
Totally... first I refused to give the little kid a bullet... then I felt a little bad afterward and when I saw that Nikki was only one bullet, (same price as the kid), I was like... "Why not..."

Lost like 50 ammo and reloaded... gotta tell ya... NEVER saw that coming...
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User Info: pk256

7 years ago#5
this is unrelated but did anyone smoke the drugs??? I lol

User Info: shoes742

7 years ago#6
What drugs can you smoke exactly? Someone else mentioned this but I didn't see any drugs you could smoke
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User Info: XxfrostnovaxX

7 years ago#7
i was like * YOU ******* ******
then i qq and reloaded
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User Info: iwern

7 years ago#8
why did you reload your game after losing your ammo? dont you feel like that takes away from the experience of the game? i lost 53 in ammo and i thought about restarting but decided that i made the choice to try and bang the hooker and now i have to pay the price.

User Info: buzzsawgr81

7 years ago#9
I had a feeling that something like that would happen so I spent all my bullets on ammo, ho only got 1 bullet, those 2 can have fun figuring out how to spend it lol.
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User Info: pk256

7 years ago#10

drug part is when you are rescuing Bounbun???? w e is before rescuing him if you sneak through blocks on the right you'll see a guard and then the drugs...kinda hard to find...i found it by accident when i was being stealthy with the throwing knifes(which are GODLY in this game)
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