How Do I Charge Night Vision Goggles?

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#2Tom_KazanskyPosted 8/8/2010 4:36:41 PM
Use the hand charger. It charges both your flashlight and the Night Vision Goggles.
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#3Drag_ZERO(Topic Creator)Posted 8/9/2010 8:45:41 AM
When? Cause I tried and it doesn't work. Do like my goggles need to be on, or what?
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Try reading page 3 of the instruction manual.
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lol, thanks
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lool i dont wanna sound stupid but i try how tey say in book and i did the same thing with the charger and when i push the UP arrow it dosent work :( and yea BTW some times when you put your mask on and wahana take it off, instead to take of the mask it chage the guns and reload my pistoll :) haha and yea i have the new Xbox 360 Slim and my joystik is new :)

Sorry for my bad spelling im in a hurry :D

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