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7 years ago#1
I've read the walkthrough and Rainmaker59 has generously shared tips and yet I'm still struggling with these. Got any details to share on your successes?

I speared 15 crucians and pole fished 10 and still didn't get the Black Bass. I got the trigger for scattering bait. But, 25 of the same fish and no good fish?

I'm not seeing any large game at Tree House 1 any more. Are there better places to plant traps or do you have to see the animal to trap it? Wolves are abundant - lol. Does running in and out of the area help catch them in the traps?
7 years ago#2
I just had a success!

While staying at Treehouse 1, I had noticed the goat in the tall grassy patch to my left of the drinking spot. It always ran away. Today, I saw it as it was entering that patch. I slowly walked in front of it a ways and planted the trap then went back to where I was with it still in view and suddenly, it was in the trap. It took 2 arrows to kill and prompted the ability to raise a goat next time.

Why is there no bone after cooking the wolf meat? Hopefully, there will be one after cooking the goat since there was no fur.
7 years ago#3
Fishing at Beach 3 -

1. now I see why people were so frustrated with LIB3 fishing. In this game, you are given 1 minute per cast to catch a fish. In LIB3 fish took from 30 seconds to 1 minute 50 seconds to bite and the game didn't "kick you out." You could sit there all day off one casting. Big difference!

2. All I caught were balloon fish though. What's the trick for the rare fish in this game? I've caught bunches of crucian's, but no black bass. Is there a trick with the pole? I've tried moving it and not moving it...only common fish.
7 years ago#4
Seems like I got a large bone after cooking wolf meat about 50% of the time.

I don't think I starting catching rare fish until I had caught one from the lake. The fish in the underground lake were an exception. I like to move the bait/lure around in the water. Not too fast - just a tap, tap, tap first one direction, then the other.

I wish I could give you some advice about hunting. About all I can says is that everyone who played this game when it was first released agreed - the hunting is tough! It was the one place where I think they really screwed up in making this game. But don't give up. I did manage to successfully hunt the large game, so you will get them too.
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7 years ago#5
In game time, yesterday I spotted the deer and planted a large trap, but it ran away. They woke up this morning and Jack left the Treehouse 1 and I heard a familiar sound from LIB3. I ran down to check the trap and there was the boar. Got out of the hunt screen and there was a chicken (got a feather) then went to get a drink and rest a few minuets and there was the lynx (fortunately I had 7 sharpness arrows) headed back to the house and there was another it then just before the ladder, missed a rabbit. What a day!
7 years ago#6
The walkthrough says to earn lures you have to catch a fish at night at the Lake. Could I get some more specific locations of these fish; i.e., the eel is in the south but where? by the dock? from an island? from the exit? The salmon is in the stream? from the stepping stones? from the exit to the swamp?

The water there has two different looks depending on where you are standing, it's awesome! Do the Rainbow trout and salmon like the running water or the still lake water? I don't fish in real life. Please, can I get pointed in the right direction?
7 years ago#7
To unlock lures, you need to catch any fish from the lake or its connecting streams other than crucian. You do not need to catch them at night.. I do remember specific locations of two. In the stream to the right you can catch a rainbow trout. In the stream to the left you can catch a salmon. I believe the rest of the info regarding fishing in the lake is correct.
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7 years ago#8
Standing on the land where you built the raft coming from the swamp? not the stepping stones? not the land across like from the land where you found the cooking stone or the land where you exit to the mountain pass or does it matter? I'm coming from the mountain pass. In LIB3 there were very specific regions for each fish and standing in the wrong place would waste your time. Can all those fish be caught during the day?
7 years ago#9
Pretty sure I was standing on the south bank of the streams when I caught those particular fish (rainbow trout and salmon). And they are both daytime fish. Some of the lake fish are caught at night. The FAQ will be able to tell you which ones. I did have trouble finding just the right spot for the catfish. The rest aren't too hard to find (just hard to catch). Sorry, but there's no way you'll get them all in one day (unless you are intensely lucky).Focus on one particular type of fish per day. If you catch it and still have time, you can focus on another fish. You will notice that the rare fish put up more of a fight than the crucian. I used the picture book FAQ by stepofffool to find the locations of fish I needed. I don't know how it compares to the other FAQs as I haven't read them.
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7 years ago#10
I've fished the lake twice getting 2 dozen crucians so far and no trigger yet. I seem to be in the right spot though. I'm heading them out to open the underground lake soon. Any tips? I'm taking a lot of lunchboxes and water bottles (there's no drinking spot there?) and a couple of poles in case I get stuck by the tide.

What do you mean that the underground lake was the exception? Will I have time to fish there after opening it up? I figured it'd take too long to stay and fish and that I'd probably get stuck by the tide and just fish there while I wait for it to go down.

Lead me, oh wise one! (smile)
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