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7 years ago#1
I've always loved this game and want to know how you feel about them doing a complete overhaul of this game?

The gameplay could be greatly improved - tighten it up a little, add more fluid animation, a little more speed.

Redrawn graphics while retaining the overall feel

Maybe adding a few characters (but keeping it within the Fatal Fury universe so it doesn't become King of Fighters)

Remixed score and enhanced sound effects

But keep it 2-D

Guess that sounds like SSF2HDR, but I do think this game deserves it.
7 years ago#2
^ this game did get that. its called Real Bout Fatal Fury Special.
"i love when Matt touches me because it reminds me that i know nothing about baseball." - swpmike51
7 years ago#3
No, it didn't. The gameplay is very different in the Real Bout series and I really don't like how it plays compared to FFS.
7 years ago#4
^ you said you wanted them to give Fatal Fury Special a "complete overhaul". you wanted improved gameplay, faster speed, more characters. Real Bout Fatal Fury Special has all of that. just because you dont like the gameplay of RBFFS, doesnt mean it doesnt have the stuff you said you wanted in a remake of the game. and it doesnt mean its not an updated and upgraded version of the game. they wont be redoing FFS on the 360. there arent 2 versions of SSF2THDR on live. the only other Fatal Fury game that we are supposedly getting on live is Mark of the Wolves and that'll just be a Dreamcast port.
"i love when Matt touches me because it reminds me that i know nothing about baseball." - swpmike51
7 years ago#5
I mean an upgrade of the same game - including same backgrounds/stages (but enhanced) and gameplay.

RB series does not play or feel the same. It used three attack buttons instead of four. Everything feels more "mashy" and less nuanced. RB seems more like an "Alpha" version of Fatal Fury. By enhancing the gameplay I don't mean changing it as much as they did in RB, just other things like more fluid controls and better animation/hit zones while keeping everything else the same but only redrawing the graphics/characters/backgrounds and perhaps adding some characters. Obviously I don't see RB as an enhancement of FFS (which it isn't) but as entirely different games (which they are).

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