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8 years ago#1
omg no topics or even Faqs!!! What to do!! Well anyway I downloaded the demo, the Japanese demo and it has 10 levels. I'm stuck on level 10. It can be done in 24 moves and I just can't figure this one out. If the demo levels are different then the actual in-game levels Ill try and make a picture:

Argh I hope that helps you to help me because I'm stuck...
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8 years ago#2
I know what level that is... And it stumped the hell out of me too... I think its like level 50-60 in the real game or near that.
8 years ago#3
Oh, and I forgot to tell you this, but the reason there are no faqs, is because this game is supposed to measure your... brain activity in the real world or something which is conveniently called PQ, short for practical quotioent. If there were faqs, then there would be no point in playing this game. Everybody would get a PQ of around 200, and the leaderboard would die :(
8 years ago#4
Oh, I guess that makes sense. Well I FINALLY beat it, it was alot more simpler then what I had thought. What I did was take out 2 blocks on top of each other then stack them in the corner to get them out of the way. Now look at the remaining stack and see which 2 layer block its holding up. Move those blocks over 1 spot left or right so its holding the end of that 2 story block, which enables you to move a 2 story block from the bottom and position it right in the middle. Then move the 2 blocks holding the 2 story block by the other 2 blue blocks. Now you should be able to move the other 2 story block since the one in the middle on the very bottom is now holding both of the blocks on the 2nd story up. Move this block out
south (default view). Now place a blue block near the 2 story block u just pulled out so u can get on top of it. Bring another blue block up and place it on the right somewhere so u can reach the top of the 2nd story 2 layer block. You should be able to get to the top of that one and push the very top 2 story block to the left. Go back down and grab the last blue block u need to make it up to the top and then finishing that level.

Yeah, that probably doesn't make that much sense but its better then nothing =/
Powerpuff Girls Z is awesome!! Check it!

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