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7 years ago#1
I just bought a PSP and this game .. I'm loving it except 1 thing is upsetting me

On certain levels all that you get is the glass bricks (I don't remember off hand which lvl's)
and there is a drop off (2+ levels) .. how are you able to drop a glass brick without breaking it?

or .. drop down off a 2 high stacked glass brick

X |
X |

X = single brick (glass)
YYY = wall glass brick
| = cliff (1 layer across .. 3 down)
O = light stream/exit

any help is GREATLY appreciated .. this technique is preventing me from moving on as atm I have spent HOURS trying to figure it out (while not playing) and i'm missing something .. thank you in advance for teaching me this trick (if anyone checks this board anymore lol
7 years ago#2
// X//

X = single brick (glass)
YYY = wall glass brick (2 high .. 1 across)
| = cliff (1 layer across .. 3 down)
O = light stream/exit
/ = bare floor

After pressing the post button too quickly I noticed that Gamefaqs board does not allow spaces in the description of my level .. so I redid it vertically
7 years ago#3
Heh piece of cake if you haven't already figured it out. Put one small block ontop the larger glass one to the far end closes to the goal. Now grab another glass block and step on the highest block with the one in hand. Now let go and it should shatter the large one your'e standing on and the small one you're standing on will fall and shatter next to the goal.
7 years ago#4
For tips and other stuff about this game, go to ;)

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