how do you unlock two player

#1flissy123Posted 4/8/2009 12:56:53 PM
I have looked as hard as i can but i can't work out how to unlock two player, do you have to play all levels in single player first?
#2_Lagoona_Posted 4/19/2009 11:00:16 PM
.Guess it's a Toke Jopic.

(If it's not: select 2player instead of 1player using the d-pad on the screen before starting the levels)
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#3BannercatchPosted 4/21/2009 2:36:48 PM

Without the instructions, it's not clear that you must have the nunchuck attachment hooked up to your Wii remote to play with another player.

So if you can't select two-player mode, try attaching the nunchuck and try selecting it again.

Player one will use the Wii remote as usual, whereas player two will tilt the nunchuck.