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Unique finds and glitches (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
blackkeno125/20 9:42AM
which "seasonal" fish can be found out of season and which can't (Archived)blackkeno105/17 4:15PM
multiple species of diving birds at the same location at the same time (Archived)blackkeno55/17 4:11PM
More plot theories (Marine Lake and more) (Archived)MaitreDesBlocs43/10 8:46AM
New Person (Archived)MaguTapa33/6 1:03PM
Blue tang request in the Fall at Triple Steps (Archived)blackkeno211/18 6:58PM
Similar games? (Archived)Nanabobo410/13 8:37AM
Mildly interesting effect in the aquarium (Archived)blackkeno29/26 10:09AM
glitches with glows (Archived)blackkeno59/20 2:01PM
Click Places? (Archived)SilvarS29/20 1:59PM
Spinning penguin (and best glitches and unique finds thread) (Archived)blackkeno17/29 8:55PM
Ships Rest Window Scene Theory (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
SeaPotato187/28 11:38PM
New Person! (Archived)SilvarS37/24 8:43PM
guide client mentions creature (other than the one requested) by name (Archived)blackkeno47/24 7:49PM
I can't play Endless Ocean because my disk keeps failing. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
blackkeno137/16 5:19PM
Just completed my 5th game year (Archived)blackkeno27/9 9:39PM
A very strange bug? (Archived)blackkeno35/27/2014
Fans May Have Been Able to Ensure Online Play Will Continue, Unofficially (Archived)do_0m25/19/2014
Anyone want to dive together before on-line play ends? (Archived)blackkeno15/5/2014
9 missing creatures (Archived)XYSRTSE84/29/2014
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