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StickyMARIO PARTY 8 FAQ (READ before POSTING!!) (Sticky)
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Who do you play as? *spoilers* (Archived)empblmmmsd2329/30 9:18PM
The Item Roulette is garbage. (Archived)doomrider756/27/2014
Star Battle Arena question (Archived)MasterofDisater56/8/2014
This game is rated higher than MP9 when it comes to "best party games" (Archived)BalloonBattle0545/20/2014
Best Finish EVER (Archived)0i11/4/2014
favourite minigame? ~ (Keep bumped) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Favourite board? (Keep bump'd) (Archived)XxPika740xX312/26/2013
Favourite board? (Keep bumped) (Archived)XxPika740xX911/3/2013
Go on, defend Blue Shells I dare you! (Archived)Fish_Soup_6469/18/2013
Favourite Minigame? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Favourite Board? ~Keep Bumped~ (Archived)
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Used Mario Party disc & Sold Out Mini-Games (Archived)jlj93byu33/12/2013
Favourite Board? (Archived)
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who is that freaky looking pink thing (Archived)jinglejangles12/4/2013
Star battle arena (Archived)HoshinoKirby11/25/2013
Game Grumps make this game look good. (Archived)XxPika740xX11/9/2013
How do you put on the side pictures when your on a wide screen tv? (Archived)Xx5ILLYR4BBITxX112/6/2012
The dice rolls aren't as random as you think (Archived)Sol_Clyde212/5/2012
Is there a easier way of unlocking the two characters? (Archived)Sora54228/8/2012
which minigames from MP1-3 and MP7 return in this game? (Archived)Lord_kasdeya24/7/2012
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