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7 years ago#1
He come to town!
Come to eat!
The princ-no, King Dedede!

00 took him away!
Now the chil-no, wadd-no, babies don't play!

But they will when Kirby save the day... wait, are there days on Pop Star?

Now Kirby
Fill up up your health meter
So you can suck

The air with power!

And when you're feeling all down
The Game Over screen will come around
So you'll be a sissy coward
And not somebody who's brave!

Now Kirby
Has saved the... um... "day!"
Put 00
In his... um... "grave!"
So now Dedede is free
And now our hero shall be
I kinda maybe think your name might go down in some sort of history book!

Official 13-year-old of the SSBBGB
Brawl Mains: Olimar, Toon Link, Lucas
7 years ago#2
"They're NOT DOLLS. They're ACTION FIGURES. WITH REAL FIRE-PUNCHING ACTION." ~Francis. Super Paper Mario.~
7 years ago#3
Very interesting. It's a parody of the legend of Zelda theme song (with lyrics).
Kirbies? Kirbys? Kirbi? Whatever.

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