Questions specific to PSP version...

#1MrMartinLeePosted 12/12/2011 8:07:54 AM

Such as, "is my game broken?"

I can only seem to save after finishing a song for the first time in story mode.  Finish Chop Chop Master Onions's song, save system data, and either quit or continue.  Continue, finish Mooselini's Driving School song, save system data, and quit for now.  Come back later, and the "continue" option starts me out at the flea market.  Choose Master Onion from stage select, finish it with a new higher score, and I get the "X Try Again O Quit" menu and no option to save my new high score.  Is this right?  Am I missing something about the save system, or is it just my game, or is it really that bad a save system?

And, "how do I get my meter up into Cool?"

I've read the FAQs, but can't seem to get it to work.  Even on the first song, I can get "Cool" to flash by adding beats to my line, but it always just falls back down to "Good."  What am I missing here?


I picked up Parappa for PSP because I remember watching my wife play the game years ago (after the first dinner she made for me... awww...)  I'm not rhythmically challenged, I play music in a real band, and Rock Band on Expert.  I'm just baffled by Parappa, and even with the manual and online FAQs, everything about the game seems vague...  Thanks in advance for anyone who reads this and has any helpful info, tips or encouragement!