black wings and poisonous fangs ?

#1damiencorePosted 9/4/2008 4:24:38 PM
Ok for some reason I am stuck on the part where you need black fangs and poisonous wings or something like that to open the door ? I have tried the penguin parade and everything on a snake and it did nothing when it got to the door. I don't think I can do penguin parade on two monsters at the same time...any help here ? I've been stuck here for about an hour.
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Oh... my... god....


I can't believe just HOW lazy so many of you people are.
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One at a time, do the charm (Penguin parade) skill on a bat lead it to the door. Then go find a snake and done
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Learn to search the boards. Your question has been asked and answered already.
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.... Was that seriously a bump in less than a minute on a slow board?

I'm calling it. TC fails at everything forever.
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well we dont know what all these moves do , i just got the game yesterday and hitting walls like this is common
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You're a troll. You made the exact same topic just a few minutes ago.
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You and a million other people got the game a couple of days ago...

its called it just came out for most people...

some people are just wow...

I mean come on this **** isn't ****in rocket science... as stated before TC fails and he can grow some nuts first...

and a brain

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