Easy Money (120,000 in 2-3 mins via Crafting)

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8 years ago#1
When you first arrive at Port Zala you can start buying materials and crafting Horseshoes

They cost about 650 to make and sell for about 2600 and the best part is that you have two chars that can make them.

Just craft one hit the L/R bumper to start crafting a second, do what ever with your third guy and just rinse and repeat.

49 of em gets you about 120,000 and takes about 2 -3 minutes i believe


If anyone knows any other items that cost very little and sell for alot leme know
8 years ago#2
Ive been making plate boots and selling em at 5.5k a pop, 99 nets u 500kish
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8 years ago#3
wait, which boots?
8 years ago#4
The only thing with that is that with the amount of materials you can hold you would only be able to make about 24 of them (bronze)

so thats about 125,000 (if 99 sells for 500k)

if you have Edward make those, Eugene make horseshoes and your third person level up on something else... that sounds like a good way (since you can be crafting on 3 people simultaneously)

that should be about 245,000 per trip off Edward and Eugene alone (99 Bronze, Iron and Granite) costing about 80k for materials... so about 165k in about 2-3 minutes
8 years ago#5
TC, would u pls list the materials and all? and what lvl of IC u need?
I mean come on, this doesnt help at all if u dont mention those crucial infos.
8 years ago#6
The IC levels?

I'm not quite sure but I think you can do it at about 3 or 4

for the materials I believe:

To make 1 "Horseshoe" you need: 1 granite (250ea) and 2 iron (200ea)

(Minus the cost of materials, it nets about 1900 per and you can carry enough mats to make 49 so that means you can make about 55,850 per trip)

To make 1 "Bronze Plate Greaves" you need 4 Bronze (100ea)
(1for Bronze Scale + 3 more for Bronze Plate)

(Minus the cost of materials, it nets about 3600 per and you can carry enough to make 24 so that means you can make about 86,400 per trip)

So total is 142,250 minus the cost of your third IC if you make these to lvl up... although I'm not sure if Bronze Plate Greaves will get his IC to 6 or not

You can craft on up to 3 characters simultaneously to be more efficient, but since my third usually is leveling up its IC (and not making money in the mean time) I'll just leave that out.
8 years ago#7
thanks Netel ! now that's much more helpful =)
8 years ago#8
lol it works, awesome thanks
8 years ago#9
those numbers are slightly off.

Bronze Plate greaves:

bronze metal x96= 9,600fol, bronze scale helmet x24=made

4000-400 = 3,600 fol per
3600*24 = 86,400 fol profit
iron metal x98 + Granite x49 = 31,850 fol
2600*49=127,400 Fol
2600-650 =1,950 fol per horseshoe
1950*49 = 95,550 fol profit

Horseshoes are the better method,

buying bronze scale greaves from another store in place of a fourth bronze metal you could save time, then it becomes a quicker method.
Then you can make 33 bronze plate greaves per run.
They net you a profit of 132000-13200=118,800 fol, assuming bronze metal costs as much as the bronze scale greaves. The only slow down is going back to a town that sells the metal, and another to find the armor.
8 years ago#10
You can do this at Sapran too.

Also, this is only available until you leave Port Zala, so make the most of it.
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