how do i destroy cracked rocks lol

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8 years ago#1
hey guys im new to the game and im stop on trying to get too fayel i gota get rid of a cracked rock thats in my way of the path getting there how do i destory them any thing anyone can help me wid asap
8 years ago#2
i ent taking the piss eaither i ent gota clue how to get rid them i tryed using loads of attacks and connetions bu nutin seems to break it dwn any tips or hints ?
8 years ago#3
Connect -> Balbagan/Gustave -> Break Rock.
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8 years ago#4
Can't wait four minutes for reply? Connect with Balbagan and use his skill Gigatackle while targeting a rock. If Balbagan is unavailable, then you have bear Gustav. Connect with Gustav and use one of its skills while targeting a rock.
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8 years ago#5
Worth noting, when using Balbagan to destroy rocks, I got to a point in the game when I ordered him to unleash rock breaking fury only for it not to work. At this point I thought I must have needed Gustav instead. It wasn't. Later I realized Balbagan had no MP. Make sure he has sufficient MP (as he seems to use it up very quickly if left to his own devices) so you don't find yourself feeling like a complete spanner like I did. :)
8 years ago#6
tidy cheeys lads :P
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  3. how do i destroy cracked rocks lol

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