Faina and IC (spoilers)

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Hey all,
Just wondering, I'm about to leave Zala for Kolton, and just finished maxing everyones' IC except Savio and Rico since I can't seem to do that off store-bought items until getting to Kolton. Now I was debating on whether or not I should create everything my people can make for the Compulsive Achievement before leaving for Kolton since this game seems pretty unforgiving with materials. However, I have downloaded vouchers A & B from marketplace so maybe Faina is unnecessary? Does anyone know EXACTLY what materials you lose access to with her death? Also, any recommendations on when to create every possible item in the lists?
Thank you.
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I don't know exactly what specific items you will lose out on, but if you have already gotten your current party's IC Maxed, the only thing I can say is to just buy up max of all the items she has before you leave Port Zala, because I know that some of the stuff she sells won't be there next time you see her. Also, you can make papers for Savio and Rico (I think you can make parchment with Michelle, can't remember for sure) to help increase their IC, but I don't think that you can get them maxed out at that point in the game.
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You'll be able to max the writers' ICs as soon as you get to Kolton.

I'd create as much as you can as soon as you can, as some materials will be much harder to find later on (for example, the next time you see Faina, the low grade woods that she was selling in Zala will be replaced by other woods of higher level).

If you're working IC well enough then I think if you lose access to anything that Faina sells, you'll be past the point that you need it.
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Make sure you backtrack to Sapran to buy out their wood stocks. I think there's a certain wood, lauan most likely, that is only available there. Not really sure if its there on your return trip or not.
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No, the shop at Sapran will disappear after you leave for Kolton. If you try to go back to Sapran after you return to Port Zala, the name will be grayed out and won't let you enter.