I demand ... black wings... poisonous ... fangs...

#1Murasame213Posted 2/4/2009 5:37:18 PM
Alright, so I have been stuck at that door at the ancient shrine for about an hour. I have lured the snake and and the bat in, checked the door. Killed them, checked the door. Nothing. Normally I wouldn't ask what to do, but I only rented the game so I want to make it as far as I can while I have it, so I'm trying to not waste time.
-So did you find anything out?
-Yup, The whips on this planet hurt too..
#2tmac_attack1Posted 2/4/2009 7:15:47 PM
You have to use Rico's Penguin Parade. It's a Connect skill that allows you to control an enemy for a short period of time. Charm the snake or bat first then let it follow you before you check the door.
#3Lykos13thPosted 2/5/2009 3:11:13 PM
That part gave me a headache for about 20 minutes.

You have to have the creature following you and then "Investigate" (a button) the door while the creature is still alive.

You don't kill it in front of it.