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3 years ago#1
I saw this topic but it was closed, so Im quoting what other user said because I have the same doubt, and no one answered.
I've noticed that the cutscenes stutter a tiny bit? is this common? the gameplay and everything else is perfectly smooth n fine.

anybody else can confirm this? the first cutscene when ryu fights that old man, when the old guy is about to get you after they show his hands it stutters for a .5 of a second, then after you finish the fight and the cutscen runs the same happens when ryu picks up the sword to explain.

just wanna confirm if this is normal guys."

I noticed it only happens when I instaled the game data. Without it installed, the cutscene runs fine.

Should I trade my copy??
3 years ago#2
If it's that big of a deal... I have my game installed and the cutscenes seem to run fine for the most part. Nothing worth trading in my copy for that's for sure!
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3 years ago#3
I just noticed your message, sorry for the delay. I didn't reply before because I really don't know what could be the trouble. I haven't noticed any shuttering. It might have something to do with whether the game is installed or not. I don't remember what I did with mine, actually, my brother's. I just borrowed it from him because he told me how great it was.

I would suggest trying to fully install if you haven't, but I'm not super sure on anything with this issue.

Best of luck to ya!
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