Stuck on quest map

#1ZenoxioPosted 2/22/2010 8:35:59 PM
So I'm on the quest map. The loading icon is there. I can press X and there's music.

But I can't back out nor move. Loading icon won't go away.

#2chrisman69Posted 2/22/2010 8:45:26 PM
Are you online? this has happened to me a few times, only when im online though.

the only solution i've found is to unplug my router so my internet cuts out, the game will then kick you off geonet and you'll be back at the save point. Beats quitting the game and losing some progress.
#3tomo012Posted 2/23/2010 8:53:44 AM
Yeah, that's happened to me before. When it takes a while I just get up and grab a snack or use the restroom. After a while it kicks me out of GeoNet. And as the above poster said unplug the router and it'll speed up the process. Hope you didn't lose anything. :/

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