Where is the fire lizard?

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User Info: zeegler12

7 years ago#1
Where is the fire lizard is it near something. Is there something you have to do to get it's attention?

User Info: HeartBreakAsian

7 years ago#2
Go To D5, down the hole, and eventually you'll come upon some red crystals. Place the bait there, and it'll come at you. It's small >_____>

User Info: Mew3000s

7 years ago#3
You should remember that there is some blue crystals block ur way, but now is gone so u can enter from there (a shortcut I think). It will take u to an area with a hole, just drop down and run until u see a giant red crystal, then use the bait.

User Info: Dwarriors3

7 years ago#4
Is it in that shortcut area or do I run through it drop down to the middle of the caves?

What is this "big hole" everyone keeps talking about?

I do not see a big hole anywhere.
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User Info: KQT

7 years ago#5
Go to D5 on the map. Monument of Heaven is there. In front of the monument there's a hole. Drop down and just go straight out the cave. You'll see a huge red crystal on the top left edge of the cliff.

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