Gold puppet lump?

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6 years ago#1
can I get these from arena1? I looked in the guide book but it wasn't listed under the drop table =\ I searched here and found it says you can get them in the story mode but is there a quest as well?
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6 years ago#2
anyone T_T Alp I know you're out there somewhere >.>...*looks around*
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6 years ago#3
Anything obtained from story enemies can only be obtained from gr 1-6 quests. For gold puppet lumps, I'd suggest getting them from the story mode. Dogma Rift probably has a save point towards the end by a spawning area for one; simply kill it, visit your georama, exit your georama and it should respawn.
6 years ago#4
sweet thanks soloing arena1 not very fun lol well I will try that thanks again ^^
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6 years ago#5
If you played King of Dragons and know where the fire dragon is, there's a save point past that area. The room right after that save point is a place where a primeval guardian can spawn.
6 years ago#6
ok ^^ gonna check that out in a bit =)
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6 years ago#7
Who's Alp? =P

I just checked the guide and it looks like the guide is wrong about Primeval Guardian's tier 1 drops since it's the exact same as tier 2. Tier 2 drops for PG is correct so that means the Gold Puppet Lumps is from GR1-6 quests or from the story mode.

So, in other words, just do what DCdemonic1 told you, hahahah. Right now I'm kind of taking a break from WKC, but I'll be back soon enough!
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