Drop List FAQ

#21ChaosRevolutionPosted 5/26/2008 6:51:06 AMmessage detail
Wow. This sounds wierd... I'm gonna have to beat the crap out of myself just to get Shadow Matter. I'll just add it to the heap, and stop subtracting from my arts and crafts.
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Heh sorry for writing it up so late. Hopefully this will help the newcomers.

Hmm interesting place for adamantite, but I think farming off the jellies is a lot quicker.

Yeah beating up Sho can be emotionally painful XD
but it's the quickest way for Shadow Matter I think.
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Farming Dark Matter...I don't have Dark Planets, so I use Eden Set and Lightning Rage, Joshua wears Pink Gauze Shirt.
Joshua 2 combo, LIGHTNING RAGEX5!! Kill him in less than 10 seconds.
Also, this really helped me, thanks for the great FAQ.
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For sure, I'm glad it helps. And thanks for the tip on fighting Sho!
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Oh, thank you for setting this up! Before this, I had absolutely no idea how to get Shadow Matter, Dark Matter, Orichalcum, or Adamantite. m(__)m
Scarletite is gonna be a pain in the ASS tho, seeing as I'm already post-game. <(;_;)>
The mods are #1! ,,l,,<(^.^)>,,l,,
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Stickies are generally not that useful, really.
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... it's supposed to stop the flow of "help me do this and that plox" but..... it seems to do nothing instead. oh well.
I lay claim to Shiki of TWEWY.. i shall rename her tweety bird now >_>
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You can get an easy Orichalcum from the Ragtime Drakes in front of Shibu-Q Heads in Another Day on Hard mode. (You don't even have to chain.) It's easier than the Brassbanfrogs.
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Cool. Thanks:D
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Haha, I also noticed that we still have topics about 'where do I find what'.
Oh well, hopefully this helps some people. And I hope that my topic doesn't fall under the "Stickies are generally not that useful" category.

Also are the Drakes really easier than frogs? O_o
IRC, only one Drake will spawn per battle while you can get up to 4 bassbanfrogs per battle which I think is a lot more efficient for orichalcum farming.

Although I might have to double check that.