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Will the goddamn sequel ever come out?! (And how would you name it?) (Archived)Da-Big-Boss712/16/2013
Started this last night....impressions. Spoilers. (Archived)Soul59411/30/2013
I don't get the ending. Spoilers. (Archived)Soul59311/27/2013
Finish the game and this what i feel!! (Archived)amtir411/24/2013
A question about entry fees. *MASSIVE SPOILERS* (Archived)holy_bolt511/24/2013
Just bought this. Spoilers from DDD? (Archived)Soul59311/17/2013
Question about ability stacking. (Postgame spoilers possible) (Archived)holy_bolt111/16/2013
question(noob) (Archived)borrayo805211/13/2013
This game has the most nostalgic soundtrack ever. (Archived)pholicious711/13/2013
Replaying for the first time in years, couple questions (Archived)HoratioCraw211/10/2013
I pronounce this game like that soulja boy song!! (Archived)OrangeCrush980611/10/2013
Alternate ending discovered! (MAJOR SPOILERS) (Archived)The Orange Cow311/1/2013
Questions about the ending. (Archived)SigmaSlash311/1/2013
How do i defeatthose Giant Mammoth that keep stomping!! (Archived)amtir210/28/2013
Who/what is your favorite enemy? (Archived)Futurewriter210/13/2013
Game Master (Archived)0Games910/7/2013
ESP'er Rank Star - Detail in Solo Remix (Spoilers?) (Archived)Gildedfist110/2/2013
Will there EVER be a sequel? (Archived)
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