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Lightning Rook not working? (Archived)tried_42_long41/13/2013
Other games with post-games/replayability/scaling as extensive as TWEWY? (Archived)OmfgitsBlah31/13/2013
a sequel (Archived)Lacrymosa14321/12/2013
So I just got this yesterday for my birthday.... (Archived)NaturalGirl10171/10/2013
Which brand would you wear? (Archived)Lloydpwns123171/8/2013
Anyone want a Persona 4 Golden Vita skin? (Archived)carnivalofsins11/7/2013
Pin Images (Archived)WolfraverXemnas31/6/2013
What am I doing wrong? SPOILERS (Archived)jayfeather5721/3/2013
Possible loophole in the story?*spoilers* (Archived)Shinstrike51/3/2013
Getting easy mode drops on normal difficulty?! D= (Archived)kaworin41/1/2013
Any word of a sequel to the game? (Archived)cheatermaster412/31/2012
Pig Noise not appearing... (Archived)IamSuperMagic212/31/2012
Characters for TWEWY 2 (Archived)Thefunyarinpa612/30/2012
Why do so many people seem to give Square Enix credit for this? (Archived)JurassicBond212/30/2012
Just picked this up... (Archived)Hotarubi1c3212/28/2012
So are the songs from the remix track not available for purchase? (Archived)lulzace312/27/2012
Solo Remix received an update. (Archived)Flamingcow99512/26/2012
EU version V's US version scarcity (Archived)Ergot_Cholera512/23/2012
What does the Lucky Star pin do? (Archived)skyfire_sage212/23/2012
Is the iOS version same with the DS version, in terms of gameplay content? (Archived)tried_42_long312/23/2012
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