From what I read, theres no sex or any nudity thats too extreme, so......

#1G1ingyPosted 1/9/2009 2:24:25 PM
Whats with all the negativity towards this game?? I didnt read anything about sex scenes, or any nudity thats too extreme, so what's with all the criticism of this game?? What's with the controversy, and the developers not releasing a translated version for us to touch?
#2DarkChrisss1995Posted 1/11/2009 3:40:40 AM
Well, excuse me, but you get the chance to touch innocent girls and boys in this game. That's pretty controversial.
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#3G1ingy(Topic Creator)Posted 1/11/2009 9:37:12 PM
you mean it's THAT frowned upon around the west?? What ever happened to don't like don't play?
#4Golden_KintaroPosted 1/12/2009 8:35:25 AM
Jack Thompson and his band of merry Soccer Moms happened.
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#5G1ingy(Topic Creator)Posted 1/12/2009 12:31:31 PM
yeah but noone ever takes THEM seriously...I mean, Jack was even banned from some of the state's courts.