What the difference between KH 2 and KH2 final mix?

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6 years ago#1
whats the difference between KH2 and KH2 Final Mix? (i havent played the latter)
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6 years ago#2
First the most common question of the the way, Final Mix has English voice acting, but all text is in Japanese. Still easy to play for non-speakers (I can't read a word of japanese).

A new difficulty mode, Critical,compared to Proud it lowers the amount of HP bonuses give Sora, Donald and Goofy. Effectively halving their HP. Also, Sora ends up with 20 less MP. Critical Mode also makes Sora do 25% more damage than normal, start with 0 AP (instead of ...2? I think) but gain 3 AP per Bonus instead of 2, ending up with more AP in the long run. This is because Critical Mode also has Sora start with a few bonus abilities. They are: Reaction Boost, Finishing Plus, Draw, 2x Lucky Lucky, MP Hastera and EXP Zero. When EXP Zero is equipped you gave no experience. This is useful if say you want to level forms without overleveling, or in the case of Lv1 runs, it's left on the entire game.

Several new story scenes, however they aren't voiced, so you won't get much out of them without reading the subtitles, which are in japanese. Also a new Secret Movie, and a Theater Mode.

A new Drive form, known as Limit Form, which is acquired in Twilight Town during the visit a bit before the 1000 heartless battle. Limit Form looks similar to KH1 Sora, and uses his moveset (including some KH1FM only moves like Zantetsuken). It cannot use magic, instead while in it the shortcut menu is replaced with four Limits from KH1 (Sonic Blade, Strike Raid, Ragnarok and Ars Arcanum), each of these heal you as you land parts of their combo. It gains EXP from completing Limits. It's growth ability is Dodge Roll.

A new collection sidequest where you collect puzzle pieces by touching them on the field. A good amount of these require you to return to the world once you have acquired better Growth abilities, and take at least some platforming. When you have all the pieces of one of the 5 puzzles, and you assemble it, you are given a reward.

Another new sidequest, the Mushroom XIII, in which you must challenge each mushroom to an endlessly repeatable minigame, and if you best their record you win prizes.

20 new bosses. 1 required for the main story (the cinematic fight that start at Memorial Skyscraper becomes a Boss fight), and 14 of them repeatable, at least some of them harder than Sephiroth. Includes Organization members from CoM.

A new area that requires Growth abilities and platforming to get through. Optional.

A good deal of new equipment. 2 Keyblades, one only good for getting Final Form, the other a trophy mostly. Several new weapons for Donald and Goofy. A new armor, and it's "+" version has Thunder Boost. Two new accessories, their "+" versions with MP Rage and MP Haste. A 1 of a kind accessory (puzzle prize) that had +30 AP. Handy for Goofy I find.
6 years ago#3
Lucky Lucky no longer appears on weapons, being replaced by Drive Converter (turns 50% of munny into Drive balls, stackable). Lucky Lucky is instead gained through abilities and synth-able Luck Rings. This leads to having many more Lucky Luckys in FM, but the math is done differently so the bonus is much smaller than it seems.

There are several new abilities. Round Break, when surrounded it can replace a non-finisher hit for a small amount of AoE damage, useful to stun. Magnet Splash, aerial finisher, casts a quickly dispersing Magnet spell for no MP. Flash Step, when away from the target a bit, replaces a non-finisher and closes the distance, ignores guard. Sorta like mixing a mini-sliding dash with a mini-guard break. I think Aerial Dive is new, it's for transitioning from the ground to an aerial target. Crisis Half, passive, when at 50% HP or lower, you take 50% damage. Which reminds me, all "critical HP" abilities activate at 50% hp instead of 25% HP in FM. Warning siren is still at 25% though.

The Bonus levels are gotten in a completely different order. You get Counterguard from Cerberus, and Explosion from the Solar Sailer for instance. I find Final Mix's layout makes a lot more sense. Because of the new Bosses and other changes, Sora also ends up with 4 armor/acc slots instead of 3. I actually don't know if the Sword/Staff/Shield tree were changed beyond swapping Lucky Lucky for Drive Converter.

Gummi's have new missions, and Neon Bars were nerfed by half.

Some minor changes include Ribbons being weaker to account for Sora having an extra armor slot, having 5 more seconds to kill Demyx's 10 water clones, new costumes for the Christmas Town part of Halloween Town, the Drive Gauge filling faster, Small Drive Boosts fill up 3 bars instead of 1, Large Drive Boosts fill up all Drive Bars instead of 3, Max Drive Bars is 9 instead of whatever it was and new synthesis material.
6 years ago#4

From: Glavewurm | #002
start with 0 AP (instead of ...2? I think) but gain 3 AP per Bonus instead of 2, ending up with more AP in the long run

You start with 50 AP in Critical mode, not 0.
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6 years ago#5
No, you start with 0. After posting it I noticed that I didn't complete that sentence right, but I figured I'd typed enough on the subject for the day. To clarify, you start with 0 AP, but 50 AP Ups already used, versus 2(?) AP and no AP Ups already used. The difference is important because Sora can only use 100 AP Ups, but the change to his AP Bonus in Critical has him end up with more, not less, AP to account for the extra starting abilities.
6 years ago#6
^That's right, Sora's initial AP is 0 in Critical, but with 50 AP Ups used from the get go. The "grab munny for the beach" quest with Roxas can give 1 or 2 AP Ups for free, too. Sora also gets 3 AP during level up bonuses. There are 33 AP bonuses for levelling all the way to 99, meaning you get a total of 99 AP from levels, and with the limit of 100 UP-items per character, Sora can end up with 199 AP in Critical without accessories. In other difficulties, that's be 168 (starting 2, 2*33 from levels, and 100 from AP Ups).

I recall there being another ability swap in the Sword/Shield/Staff level up list besides Lucky Lucky being changed into Drive Converter... What was it... something else turned into Crisis Half. Lemme check KH2's regular list... MP Rage! That's it. MP Rage is now Crisis Half when you level up. Now the only MP Rage you can get is for levelling up Wisdom Form.

The bonus levels (usually from bosses) are also changed and make more sense, as already mentioned. So no early Explosion anymore (which makes things more balanced, really).

Let's not forget the new bosses. 20, I think: 5 absent sillhouetes + Roxas battle, Terra's lingering sentiment, and the OrgXIII's data versions. Org Data and Terra are refightable to your heart's content.

There are also Christmas outfits and theme songs for Christmas Town, and the XIII Mushrooms' sidequest.

If you wanna know if this game is worth over the original, I say without a doubt that it is. It even feels like a totally new game. Get it if you haven't yet. xD
6 years ago#7

From: Glavewurm | #005
To clarify, you start with 0 AP, but 50 AP Ups already used

But you do start with 50 AP, even they are from AP ups. As soon as you can access the ability screen you have 50 AP. I consider that as starting with 50 AP no matter where they come from.
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6 years ago#8
True enough. "Start with 50AP (all of which counts as AP Ups)" is probably a better way to say it. I just wanted to make a distinction between "normal" AP and AP Ups, since the latter can only be used so many times.
6 years ago#9
^Precisely. There's just some technical stuff behind it that I like to clarify, because I'm very curious about them myself. :p
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