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8 years ago#1
So I read through the manual, and much to my dismay I learned that only the tier 1 pet cards could be bought from NPCs. I want an Angel (or at least a healer), but buying it seems out of my league (Blue Pixies seem to sell for 1 million at the very least). That said, I figure I'll just farm Angels and/or Fairies until one of them drops the card. So my question is:

What are the drop rates for Angel pet cards and Blue Pixie pet cards? (does the enemy I farm affect the rates at all?)

Thanks in advance.
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8 years ago#2
assuming the name of the target pet you're killing is white, be prepared to go from either a handful of kills, to killing in the thousands. and by thousands, i mean in the neighborhood of 2-5k
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8 years ago#3
Estimates place average angel drop rate at 1 in 15000 kills, on average. B Pix average drop rate is placed at 1 in 3000 kills.

Of course the tame rate on angels is such that you could have 25 empty angel cards and walk away with no tamed angel after trying to get them all tamed.
8 years ago#4
Wait... a failed tame attempt destroys the card? I wasn't aware of that...
Forget about the impossible and kick reason to the curb. Thatís how we, the Gurren-Dan, do things.
Oretachi o dare datto omotte yagaru!?
8 years ago#5
You should also consider the different tiers.

Tier 1 is NPC buyable Basics: Pantera, Tortus, Poultry

Tier 2 Drop only or "Excommons" (where Commons back in epic 3): Orc, Skeleton, Yeti, Blue pixie, Red pixie, Siren

Tier 3 "Uncommons": Salamander, Hawkman

Tier 4 Rares: Angel, Kentauros

The first 3 Tiers all say basic on the card, but each higher tier is harder to get a drop and to tame, the rares say Rare on the card, and it's golden with blue unlike the white with brown scheme of the basics. The highest tier you want, the hardest it will be to get, there's like 15 angels in my server, and like 8 kentas, while there is like 5000 blue pixies (maybe more, just an exageration number).

Excommons have around 50% success rate, Uncommons around 12% (From personal experience as a tamer), and people say rares are like 1-2%, I've failed over 80 without any dice. (+4 lvl 10).

And yeah cards break if you fail the taming, so you want to use a higher level of taming (Though, in all honesty, I feel it's just luck and it makes no diff).
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8 years ago#6
Id be easier to just save up your money and buy an already leveled one. I saw a level 100 one today for about 90mill but I have seen them cheaper.
8 years ago#7
1/3000 for B Pixie? HA! I must have killed about 10x that... leveling 35-43 on my fighter. No card drop for unlucky me...
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8 years ago#8
It is an average. Some people kill tens of thousands and get nothing, some go into the field and get 2 drops in 10 kills their first time out.

A few weeks ago, I was farming angels and got 2 angel cards in a half hour. Previous to that I hadn't gotten an angel card in 30 levels of angel farming.
8 years ago#9
Now for a horrifying statisic. A gm was testing angel tames with Level 10+4 taming. They did 2 batches of the test. The first time, they got 2 tames in 10 cards. The second time they had 0 tames in 100 angel cards.

So 2 tamed angels, 110 attempts.
8 years ago#10
blue pixies are down to 1 million? o_O

i haven't played this game in awhile, is that really true?
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