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StickyGuitar Hero 2 General FAQ (keep bumped/made sticky) (Sticky)
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Looking for guitar hero 2 partner for achievements (Archived)shadothug26/2/2013
Lost my saved data for this and had everything 5 starred on the setlist. (Archived)blue_man32/19/2012
Any body still come here. (Archived)twa55649/17/2011
Best Guitar Hero game right here (Archived)-Dark_Palladin-28/18/2011
I'm gonna try to 'kick the bucket' ....<.< (Archived)genjiii66638/4/2011
warriors of rock guitar (Archived)ash67821/6/2011
Question for Guitar Hero 2 experts (Archived)wlitw112/17/2010
Going to buy this game today. (Archived)Robo_Jugger1011/17/2010
How long does it take before you can spot HOPO's? (Archived)Treewaller28/23/2010
What happened? (Archived)channtheman34/16/2010
Is the Rokk On glitch possible to do on a wireless X360 standard controller? (Archived)UndertakrRIP23/13/2010
Citizen snips 58 (Archived)chaseralle12/24/2010
5star achives (Archived)zalphos22/22/2010
What's this song about? (Archived)Gunsandredroses22/2/2010
no xbox live (Archived)dustin614212/22/2009
co-op achievements (Archived)pierre25m312/17/2009
Hey Guys I FCed Jordan.... (Archived)solusdelgar1312/8/2009
I surprised myself (Archived)Cyberdramon1995211/15/2009
Does your whammy bar hang low? (How do you fix it?) (Archived)DarkRealityX311/11/2009
This is still the best rhythm game. (Archived)
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