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8 years ago#1
This is a list of many of the most frequently-asked questions here at the GH2 board. If you see anything that should be changed, or new things that need to be added, feel free to post them.

Please do not post until I am finished. Lots of posts ahead.

What does FC mean?

FC is a GH term that stands for Full Combo. It refers to hitting 100% of the notes in a song, and having no overstrums. In other words, your Note Streak on the newspaper should be the same as the total number of notes in the song.

The term is kept seperate from 100%'ing or Gold Starring because of the no overstrum rule. You can actually 3* a song with 100% if you overstrum enough.

Does this guitar work with GH3 or Rock Band?

The guitar compatability for the three games goes as follows.....

GH2 X-Plorer is compatible with: GH3 and RB
GH3 Les Paul is compatible with: GH2 and RB
RB Stratocaster is only compatible with: Rock Band

Unless some sort of agreement and/or patch is made, the RB Strat will not work with any GH. You can use either the X-Plorer or Les Paul with RB, except you will lack the 5 extra frets of the Strat (designed for guitar solos).

NOTE: There is no cross-compatibility between the PS2 and 360 guitairs. Just because they connect via USB ports does not mean they are compatible. They use completely different software for completely different consoles. So if you have GH2 on the PS2 and want it for 360, you'll have to get one of the 360 guitars. Unless, of course, you want to use a controller. <_<

Help, i'm stuck on this song!

Then you should practice it. GH isn't exactly a game you can get much help on, since it's entirely skill-based. IF you practice it, you CAN pass it. No songs are impossible, you just have to get better at them. Remember, Practice mode is your friend. You can take any section of any song, put it on one of four speeds, and practice to your heart's content.

If you need help 5*'ing a song, then we can assist a bit more. We can tell you the important sections to practice and give you good SP paths, but it's still entirely dependant upon you to utilize them.

How do I make custom tracks?

There is no in-game way of putting your own tracks into the game. You can mod your 360 and copy of GH2 to play your own tracks, but it's not as simple as the old PS2 customs. Plus, you'll get banned from Xbox Live if they catch you using a modded 360, which is NO GOOD. If you really want them, your best bet is to get the PS2 version. Putting them in the 360 version isn't worth it.
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8 years ago#2
What songs are in the game?

From Wikipedia

1. Opening Licks
"Surrender" – Cheap Trick
"Possum Kingdom" – Toadies
"Heart-Shaped Box" – Nirvana
"Salvation" – Rancid
"Strutter" – Kiss
"Shout at the Devil" – Mφtley Crόe

2. Amp-Warmers
"Mother" – Danzig
"Life Wasted" – Pearl Jam
"Cherry Pie" – Warrant
"Woman" – Wolfmother
"You Really Got Me" – Van Halen
"Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight" – Spinal Tap

3. String-Snappers
"Carry on Wayward Son" – Kansas
"Search and Destroy" – Iggy and the Stooges
"Message in a Bottle" – The Police
"Billion Dollar Babies" – Alice Cooper
"Them Bones" – Alice in Chains
"War Pigs" – Black Sabbath

4. Thrash and Burn
"Monkey Wrench" – Foo Fighters
"Hush" – Deep Purple
"Girlfriend" – Matthew Sweet
"Who Was In My Room Last Night?" – The Butthole Surfers
"Can't You Hear Me Knocking" – The Rolling Stones
"Sweet Child O' Mine" – Guns N' Roses

5. Return of the Shred
"Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo" – Rick Derringer
"Tattooed Love Boys" – The Pretenders
"John the Fisherman" – Primus
"Jessica" – The Allman Brothers Band
"Bad Reputation" – Thin Lizzy
"Last Child" – Aerosmith

6. Relentless Riffs
"Crazy on You" – Heart
"Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart" – Stone Temple Pilots
"Dead!" – My Chemical Romance
"Killing in the Name" – Rage Against the Machine
"Freya" – The Sword
"Stop" – Jane's Addiction

7. Furious Fretwork
"Madhouse" – Anthrax
"The Trooper" – Iron Maiden
"Rock This Town" – Stray Cats
"Laid to Rest" – Lamb of God
"Psychobilly Freakout" – Reverend Horton Heat
"YYZ" – Rush

8. Face-Melters
"Beast and the Harlot" – Avenged Sevenfold
"Carry Me Home" – The Living End
"Institutionalized" – Suicidal Tendencies
"Misirlou" – Dick Dale
"Hangar 18" – Megadeth
"Free Bird" – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Bonus tracks
"Raw Dog" – The Last Vegas
"Arterial Black" – Drist
"Collide" – Anarchy Club
"Drink Up" – Ounce of Self
"Elephant Bones" – That Handsome Devil
"Fall of Pangea" – Valient Thorr
"FTK" – Vagiant
"Gemini" – Brian Kahanek
"Push Push (Lady Lightning)" – Bang Camaro
"Laughtrack" – The Acro-Brats
"Less Talk More Rokk" – Freezepop
"Jordan" – Buckethead
"Kicked to the Curb" – Noble Rot
"Mr. Fix It" – The Amazing Crowns
"The New Black" – Every Time I Die
"One for the Road" – The Breaking Wheel
"Parasite" – The Neighborhoods
"Radium Eyes" – Count Zero
"Red Lottery" – Megasus
"Six" – All That Remains
"Soy Bomb" – Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives
"The Light That Blinds" – Shadows Fall
"Thunderhorse" – Dethklok
"Trogdor" – Strong Bad
"X-Stream" – Voivod
"Yes We Can" – Made in Mexico

The italicized songs are original to the 360 version. In addition to new songs, the 360 version's setlist was modified to help balance difficulty.
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8 years ago#3
What songs are available as Downloadable Content?

Also from Wikipedia....

Guitar Hero Track Pack 1
"Bark at the Moon" – Ozzy Osbourne
"Hey You" – The Exies
"Ace of Spades" – Motφrhead

Guitar Hero Track Pack 2
"Killer Queen" – Queen
"Take It Off" – The Donnas
"Frankenstein" – The Edgar Winter Group

Guitar Hero Track Pack 3
"Higher Ground" – Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Infected" – Bad Religion
"Stellar" – Incubus

Guitar Hero Track Pack 4
"I Wanna Be Sedated" – The Ramones
"Smoke on the Water" – Deep Purple
"You've Got Another Thing Comin'" – Judas Priest

My Chemical Romance Pack
"Famous Last Words" – My Chemical Romance
"Teenagers" – My Chemical Romance
"This Is How I Disappear" – My Chemical Romance

Guitar Hero Indie Label Pack
"Detonation" – Trivium
"Ex's and Oh's" – Atreyu
"Bury the Hatchet" – Protest the Hero

NOTE: The following three songs were released as stand-alone purchases. They are not part of a track pack and must be purchased individually.

Sin Documentos - by Los Rodrνguez from Spain
"Sin Documentos" – Los Rodrνguez

Sept - by Pleymo from France
"Sept" – Pleymo

Exile - by Soilwork from Germany
"Exile" – Soilwork

Guitar Hero Indie Label Pack II
"The State of Massachusetts" – Dropkick Murphys
"You Should Be Ashamed of Myself" – The Bled
"Memories of the Grove" – Maylene and The Sons of Disaster

Why can't I access Encores or Tier 8?

It's because you're playing on the Easy difficulty. To make Easy, well easier, all Encores and the entirety of Tier 8 are omitted. In addition, only 4 songs are required to be completed in each Tier to progress to the next. That stays the same in Medium, but Hard and Expert make you beat all 5 songs before moving on.

Everything above Easy includes all songs and Encores, so you'll have to either play Medium (which isn't very difficult, really), or use the Unlock all Songs code (which can be found in the "Cheats & Secrets" tab). Keep in mind that the Unlock all Songs code must be re-entered each time you turn the game on, which makes it better in the long run to just do Medium.

How do you input the codes?

To input codes in GH2, you hit different frets on the main menu in a certain order. When input correctly, a message telling you what was activated, as well as an accompanying guitar riff sound effect, will pop up. If they aren't working for you, then it's probably because you aren't hitting the frets quickly enough. A good trick I use is to tap the frets with my strum hand, which allows for quicker movement across the fretboard.

NOTE: Most codes will not work with a standard 360 controller, due to the Orange fret being mapped to the A button. You'll have to have one of the GH guitars in order to input all codes.
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8 years ago#4
What are Hammer Ons and Pull Offs

Hammer Ons and Pull Offs (commonly abbreviated as HO/POs) are a technique used frequently in songs on the Hard and Expert difficulties. HO/PO notes can be spotted by their lack of a black ring in the center of the note. You will have to strum a note before they begin, but afterward all HO/PO notes only require fretting and not strumming.

Take a simple line of notes like G, R, Y, B, O for instance. If this were a HO/PO sequence, you'd strum the first G, but then could hit the other four frets without strumming. This is greatly useful in solos, where strumming each note becomes nigh-impossible. Note that you will have to strum again should you mis-fret a note during a HO/PO sequence.

NOTE: For more info, see the HO/PO lesson in the Tutorials.

What is tapping?

Tapping is an advanced technique used to hit particularly difficult sections of a song. It utilizes the Hammer On/Pull Off system to allow use of both of your hands on the frets. When a HO/PO section is too difficult to accurately hit with on hand, you can bring up your strum hand to help you hit the sequence. The initiation strum can be done either with your strum hand (and then raising that hand up to the frets), or with an elbow strum (where you can leave your strum hand up on the frets).

Tapping is never required (or even mentioned) in game to either beat or 5* songs. However, if you want to accurately hit sections such as Solo B of Jordan on Expert, tapping is necessary. To practice tapping, try the section called "Trill Me!" from the song Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight on Expert.

NOTE: This is a highly advanced maneuver that is not recommended to anyone but Expert-level players.

What's the 5* cutoff for this song?

Firstly, i'll explain the nature of 5* scores. To earn a 5*, you must earn an average multiplier of 2.8x or higher (this is viewable under the "More Stats" option on the score newspaper). This equates out to a score that you can shoot for. One isn't more important than the other, they are both directly linked.

Now, for all 5* score cutoffs, the website Scorehero has the answers. Below is a link to the difficulty selection for the 5* cutoffs in the 360 edition of GH2.

NOTE: Do not confuse the 360 and PS2 editions of GH2. They have slightly different cutoffs that can leave you highly confused should you be looking at the wrong one.

Any good strategies for learning Hard mode and the Orange fret

The transition from Medium to Hard is definitely the most difficult in the game. Not only do the songs get even more complex, but you have to shift your entire hand to hit a new fret, something you haven't had to do in past difficulties. The most commonly used hand position is to have your index finger on the Red fret, and have your pinky on Orange. You'll have to reach your index up to hit the Green fret, but that's usually a better option than reaching your weaker pinky down to hit Orange.

To practice the hand sliding, put the intro to the song Sweet Child O' Mine in Practice on a slow speed on either Hard or Expert (they chart the intro the same). The intro is quick, but simple, and only utilizes single notes in a constant rhythm. As you improve, move the speed up further and further, until eventually you can nail it on Full Speed. If you can do that, you should be ready for Hard.
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8 years ago#5
What is squeezing?

Squeezing, like tapping, is an advanced technique used to improve scores. It works by exploiting the timing window on the notes. To do it, you want to hit the first note you want to use SP on as late as possible, and activate SP as soon as you hit it. This way, you can hit an extra note or two under SP than normal, increasing your score.

In addition, there are double squeezes. Those involve both hitting the first note late, as well as hitting the last note early. This is the pinnacle of squeezing that allows the maximum amount of notes to be hit under SP, and is used to set the highest scores on Scorehero.

NOTE: Squeezing, like tapping, is a highly advanced technique that should only be attempted by those who can FC songs. If improperly executed, you can end up missing notes or screwing up your SP activations, so use it with caution.

How do I play Bonus Songs?

To play Bonus Songs, you must play on Medium difficulty or higher in order to access the Store. With the money you earn from completing songs, you can go to the Store and purchase everything from Bonus songs to new characters. Once purchased, a song is unlocked on all difficulties.

Why does this song have gold stars?

Gold Stars signify that you hit 100% of the notes in that song. They don't do anything special, except earn bragging rights.

What is the "Rokk_On" glitch?

The Rokk_On glitch was discovered by the GameFAQs user Rokk_On (hence the name), and can be used to 5* or even Gold Star any song in the game. To activate it, you first take a section of a song into Practice mode. As the section ends, a menu with options and your percentage will appear. You must unplug your controller right before this menu appears.

If you did it correctly, the blank fretboard will continue scrolling. Now, when you load a song in Quickplay or Career, only the section you put in Practice will appear. You will not have access to Star Power, nor will you be able to see your Rock meter, though you can still fail. When you finish playing your section, you'll still have to listen to the rest of the song. While you're waiting, do yourself a favor and grab a delicious taco. *eats a taco* (b^_^)b

When the menu appears, the score you earned on that section will be all you scored for the song. Since you will be hitting far less notes than normal, your score will be low. However, the average multiplier will be rated only in accordance to those notes. So as long as you picked a section with enough notes to carry a 2.8x multiplier, and you nailed it, you can easily 5* any song.

NOTE: If you're using this to get one of the 5* achievements, you must make sure that the section you picked has enough notes to earn a 2.8x average multiplier. If you accidently get a 4* or a 3* with 100% notes hit, it will be stuck that way, and you will have to start a new band or erase that save to get the achievement.

Help, my game is stuck at the loading screen!

Uh oh, you may have fallen victim to a nasty glitch then. There's a glitch in the 360 version of GH2 that can corrupt your save if you either delete or rename a band. There is no cure, unfortunately, short of deleting the save and starting anew.

The glitch seems to be selective, in that not everyone who does those actions has gotten corrupted data. However, it really isn't worth the risk to find out. Making new bands seems to be fine, but DO NOT delete or rename any of them.
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8 years ago#6
What is the shortest song in the game?

The Bonus Song Trogdor is the shortest song in the game. As such, it's a popular candidate for the Rokk_On glitch. On the other hand, Free Bird is the longest.

What songs haven't been FC'ed?

Only Beast and the Harlot and Jordan have yet to be FC'ed, both on Expert. Both have been whittled down to a single note missed. There are a few who have done -1 runs of BatH, but only the GH monster known as HellAshes has gotten a -1 on Jordan. When will they be FC'ed? Who knows, but it's bound to happen sooner or later. Let's just hope it's on video.


Coming soon: List of easy songs for point and note streak achievements.

You may now post. And of course, please request a sticky. This board needs one. <_<
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8 years ago#7
Bump. Try to keep this topic bumped for me this weekend, please. I'm probably not gonna get on GameFAQs, so I can't do it myself.

And don't forget those sticky requests. =)
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8 years ago#8
Did you copy and paste this from the PS2 board and change a little bit of it so it would make sense for the 360?
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
8 years ago#9
Bump...I'm a noob how do u sticky
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8 years ago#10
go to message detail
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