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7 years ago#1
Ridiculously hard, I would like to make a Legendary FAQ but I don't understand how I'm supposed to beat this mission. I normally jack Wraiths with my Spartans while using another one and the Omega squad to destroy the mega turret.

But the Mega turret can fire at units right next to it, normally destroying my force before it can get it down to half health? The Cobra is practically useless, gets destroyed straight away. You can't turtle because of the mega turret and there's no way I can pump out a force strong enough to go destroy it without leaving my base totally defenseless.

Anyone got any tips?
7 years ago#2
dont kill it? just destroy the covenant base you dont need to kill the turret and if your REALLY want to kill it use the mac guns
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7 years ago#3
You HAVE to kill it. It destroys your base in about 20 seconds once it starts firing.
7 years ago#4
Oh also, I always play through the hardest difficulty first with any game. Does anybody know if the mega turret is there on lower difficulties?
7 years ago#5
there is a big plasma weapon(the game says something like the enemy is building a plasma weapon) but i killed it so fast (on easy) i did not check the name
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7 years ago#6
It is, and its still that much of a problem. I had to restart the level after they turned my 3 spartans, 4 warthogs and a handfull of infantry into carbon dust.
7 years ago#7
That level is so hard, I need help too.
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7 years ago#8
Right I'm going to try again right now, this time deploying my Cobras for base defense and using a larger force to destroy the turret.

I'll update this thread whenever I complete it, as right now I'm getting the impression ALOT of people are struggling on this mission (on legendary)
7 years ago#9
I read that there is a generator on the left for the turret so you don't have to directly kill it.
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7 years ago#10
I had no idea about that but I have found a way to do it (atleast, I'm 20 minutes in and just started constructing my base... Lol)

The Covenant DO NOT attack you once you've built next to the turret. Send all your units over, clear it and destroy it ASAP then build a base next to it. I had one Spartan left, and had to collect crates to construct a supply pad but it gives you time to construct a base. Forget about the crater, defending it is hopeless.
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