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Countdown till the Official Reveal and Trailer (Archived)
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When is the BK site launching? (Archived)_StephenColbert25/13/2008
Platformer....BK vs. Mario?? (Archived)TerryDWJ15/13/2008
Gameplay shots (on-screen) (Archived)nonexistinghero45/13/2008
Should I get an Xbox360 for this game? (Archived)
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I never expected this board to be on the top ten..... (Archived)Navar_Eproht45/13/2008
Wait, why isnt this on a Nintendo console?...I'll tell you why. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
most of us are thinkingWTF... (Archived)Lord_Yggdrassil25/13/2008
Banjo Kazooie Length (Archived)skx0liukangx0035/13/2008
Sign here if this is the longest day of your life. >_> (Archived)akanakin65/13/2008
New info (Archived)
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Hands-on= Banjo rocks (Archived)teehee2385/13/2008
Sadly this recent news has made the decision all the easier for me (spoilers) (Archived)goldenpants25/13/2008
omg *SPOILERS* (Archived)ilikepie67755/13/2008
The only way this game will survive the ultra-fail vehicle add-ons: (Archived)Eomagro15/13/2008
So I'm guessing no transformations? (Archived)Zero5000X35/13/2008
this should (Archived)dante21945/12/2008
Alright, i'm going to bed. I'll meet you all back here at 5 pm BST / 11 am EST (Archived)akanakin45/12/2008
xbox live BK gamer pics. (Archived)Obscuros25/12/2008
Old pics confirmed false. New pic showing actual graphics here! (Archived)
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