The Impossible "A" Challenge (Part 2)

#1deadbkPosted 10/28/2009 11:04:44 AM
I wanted to put this in the original posting, but it's been archived.
Twice now I have been 1-2 seconds away from doing this. The only reason I haven't gotten it is because I would stall in between deliveries, so it's my bad controlling that's keeping me from achieving the coveted A rank.
But two things I have been doing that may help people in the future with this challenge are:
1: I always start the challenge when one of the two girls that are to the left of the pool are hungry. That way you get your first delivery out of the way mere seconds into the challenge. If they aren't hungry, keep restarting until one of them are.
2: Always, always, ALWAYS use Level 3 Flourishes when you deliver. Time stops while you perform your flourish, but people still develop hunger while you flail your arms about. This absurd display and attempt of charisma can and will stall your timer while look for your next delivery. (Avoid Level 3 Flourishes if one of your targets are in the red, because like I said, people still develop hunger while your perform your flourish but they can faint while you are doing so as well.)

Again, I have yet to get the A rank myself, but twice now I have come within seconds of getting it. I think these tips are really going to help.
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#2deadbk(Topic Creator)Posted 10/28/2009 2:04:04 PM
Finally got it!! But I'm not going to lie, I got it the cheap way. I got tired of doing it over and over what I ended up doing is I kept restarting the challenge. I started with one of the girls to the left of the pool being hungry (I ended up skipping out on Level 3 Flourishes) and if my next delivery ended up across the street, I restarted. even if I was making good time and on my fourth delivery, if it was across the street or obviously too far to make, I restarted. I kept restarting until they eventually all lined up. I finished in 55 seconds!! I know, it's cheap, but so is this game. :p
"Why worry about tomorrow, when you can have so much fun today?" - DBK | Xbox Live = deadburgerking