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8 years ago#1
Would it even be possible to make a mod that sets the game in the Halo universe? I think it would be pretty cool to watch space battles (think of the Halo books) and travel to all the diferent planets.
8 years ago#2
Not enough planets in the story to make is a Halo Universe, sorreh buddeh
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8 years ago#3
...what story? You don't need to put an entire galaxy of planets on one map... You can create scenarios using specific star systems, like the warhammer 40k folk do.

You want to alter ship models to match Halo designs? Go for it. The only problem is that there's no ground warfare or ship-to-ship boarding battles in the Sins engine, so you lose the majority of the Halo universe. Not worth it, in my opinion, unless you're a Halo junkie with great digital art ability. Even then, waste of your talents.
8 years ago#4
True, but!

The ships are probably better designed than Sins ones and the planets are not in abundance and you cant recreate alot of battles
"Sorry, I can't see past your point there, Mister TC."
8 years ago#5

Actually, might be shunned for mentioning this but.... Homeworld 2 has an excellent Halo mod well its still in the making but it looks fantastic.

Anyway what actual mods are there for Sins? Been trying to find some for ages other than the ones on GS download page. Also awaiting the Babylon 5 mod looks really good.

8 years ago#6
I'm no expert, but wasn't humanity getting it's ass kicked in the space battles? Not sure how you could even it out while remaining semi-accurate.
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8 years ago#7
Well, somewhat if you read the books, we won some, but we lost alot.
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8 years ago#8

Human ships-Civil war soldiers

1 shot every ******* minute

8 years ago#9
actually, the PIllar of Autumn has alot of cannons and turrets
Hey, you, Bob carrying my second pistol! Lets go!
8 years ago#10
Pillar of Autumn had a triple charged Guass/rail gun, capable of firing three successive shots which was enough to cripple and if lucky destroy a Covenant cruiser. But the the Pillar was a Halcyon *Advent? hehe) cruiser known for its resillience so it kinda was better than other ships of the same size. However it was through sheer luck and tactics that won it for the UNFC (no matter how few there were).... Covenant were just better.

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