puzzle 89 draw the arrow

#1thepoketmonsterPosted 2/26/2008 2:46:03 PM
im 99% i see the arrow. but i cant pass the puzzle.

any pointers on tracing? outside the line? inside? on the line?

does the arrow have a long neck?
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#2bubsknechtPosted 2/26/2008 3:37:05 PM
The arrow does not have a long neck. It has the exact same shape as the example arrow, only slightly larger.
#3TheGuidingLightPosted 2/27/2008 5:00:07 PM
The Illustrated Walkthrough has a picture of where the arrow is if you still need help

You just need to draw around the outside of the arrow

This can be very roughly done and is similar to drawing a circle around something but roughly tracing the basic arrow shape around it instead of a circle ... you don't need to draw on the lines, just around the ourside of them

Professor Layton and the Curious Village DS Illustrated Walkthrough
#4HubnnickPosted 3/1/2008 4:15:41 PM
i can't find it where is it on the right side of left side
#5ArmacedPosted 3/1/2008 6:18:36 PM

It's on the right side pointing left. The lowest part of the arrow rests on the X axis, while the tip of the arrow is indicated by the intersection of the two diagonals at roughly (1,1.5).
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#6teh_HautingPosted 3/2/2008 3:08:56 AM
I tried like 10 attempts drawing out that pseudo arrow that points to the right.
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#7abvancePosted 3/2/2008 5:15:21 AM
The arrow points to the left but is on the extreme right.
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