*spoilers* Puzzle 003

#1davidhelen5Posted 2/22/2012 1:17:41 PM
davidhelen5's Hint 1: Get a ruler and work it out you little lazy so-and-so! You can, if you want, let your eyes work it out but there is a 50/50 chance you'll
get it wrong.
davidhelen5's Hint 2: There is no trick here. This is actually an optical illusion. B is tiny and D is massive. Or you could use your fingers.
davidhelen5's Hint 3: Use the Memo function if you want to help you solve the puzzle. It should be easy from there.
davidhelen5's Super Hint: Here is how to do it: you simply need to draw over the lines and put your fingers at either end of each one for both hats.