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Sticky***OFFICIAL*** TS3 Bugs/Glitches TOPIC (FINAL VERSION) (Sticky)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 ]
LC_CrossCut2741/25 8:32PM
Pets vs. World Adventures vs. AmbitionsAwesomeA1229/16 4:47AM
Heard a lot about this game being demanding...Shiang59/15 10:31PM
Random Sad Music?Pheenic19/14 5:49PM
Origins and using different expansion packsmatticusOVO29/14 5:41PM
Aging up specific children help.senbonzakura1059/11 10:46AM
When i try to update, all that keeps popping up is a scripts notification..Laughing_Cat19/9 1:13PM
Stuff to download to make this game run better?Benjie23459/9 10:19AM
WHY do my GRAPHICS SUCK!!!AwesomeA1239/9 7:30AM
So does the open world design of the game make it impossible to be stutter free?PathlessBullet89/4 9:32PM
How good is the Autonomy?RenegadeFunked69/4 11:32AM
A little help with my code?ViolentNoctis39/3 5:49PM
how to move sims into a new city? (Archived)rathalos98958/30 9:11AM
Pets still aging with aging disabled? (Archived)Mast3r Ad3pt18/30 3:57AM
Contains Object in Use Bug (Archived)MarkoOhNo28/27 5:22PM
Weird question... maybe? Regarding Sims and Marriage. (Archived)Unbridled928/24 6:53PM
first the thief came and took nothing, then the man that takes stuff came (Archived)andreasaspenber38/23 8:10AM
Sims 3 Starter Pack & all EPs $9.99 each @ Gamefly Digital (Archived)SinisterSyn98/19 5:27AM
Blue Screen Issues (Archived)Kaiser49958/15 6:46AM
Question about expansions (Archived)reevil12338/15 6:41AM
Seasons options help (Archived)Freelance_Wolf38/14 6:57PM
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