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7 years ago#1
Is too slow. I've got to read a book, scroll around the neighborhood, or watch TV when my Sim (single player) goes to bed or to work. It feels like this games Ultra speed is much slower than the other Sim games. This is my /only/ beef with the game.

Does anybody else feel this way? Is it my compy? I hope they fix this in the full version. Or they, or someone else, releases a patch to make it faster.
7 years ago#2
The 3rd speed is slower than any other Sims game. But the 4th speed is the same thing as the 3rd. The only difference is it goes back to normal after the activity is finished.
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7 years ago#3
Really? My 4th speed just runs the 3rd speed until the action is finished D:>
7 years ago#4
Thats what I just said...lol
A proud PWii60 owner.
GT : xDxAx Nismo
7 years ago#5
7 years ago#6
Oh wow. Sorry! I misunderstood you. I thought you were saying that the 4th speed is as fast as the 3rd speed in prior Sims games.

The 4th speed feels so useless, since the third speed is so slow. If the this game's 3rd speed was as fast as Sims 1 and 2 third speed, then that forth speed would be useful... but sadly, this is not the case. *sobs*
7 years ago#7
It's just as fast as TS2 if you set your graphics the lowest possible.

I recomend continuing to do what you are doing instead since the lowest graphics are an afront to humanity.
7 years ago#8
It also isn't that much slower then The Sims 2 if you played it while it was laggy.
7 years ago#9
It's your computer, or your pirated version. Razor's is faster than Reloaded's version.
7 years ago#10
Nope, it's definitely not because it's pirated. I picked up the retail copy, and I have the same issue. Ultra speed is practically the same as normal. I had to wait about 5 whole minutes just for my Sim to get off of work. And practically 8 for them to sleep. I seriously hope that in the first patch this is resolved. But who am I kidding, it could be November by the time we see a patch.
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