How do you improve "research" for medical career path

#1JediLordPosted 6/4/2009 4:41:52 AM
see topic
#2firemikePosted 6/4/2009 5:01:02 AM
Open that sims inventory, they have a medical journal that updates when they visit work, you need to read it each time you are home from work.
#3yapzp5Posted 6/4/2009 5:06:39 AM
so you can only read it once effectively? rereading wont increase research?
#4firemikePosted 6/4/2009 5:10:51 AM
Never thought to try, I already had the other preformance sections in the high green so I was more focused on keeping them there and furfilling oppurtunities. The book updates everytime you go to work so I don't imagine rereading one issue is effective.
#5JediLord(Topic Creator)Posted 6/4/2009 5:34:11 AM
couldnt find the journal anywhere!!!
#6firemikePosted 6/4/2009 5:39:01 AM
Check the bookshelf in the house if you own one, maybe the mailbox.
How many days has that sim had the research requirement? It is possible that the sim simply hasn't been given one yet.
They tend to have names reflecting your last day at work like how to detect heliumitis or avoiding malpractice. That was not a good week in the hospital.
#7ShadowGamerXPosted 6/4/2009 5:52:16 AM
How come for some reason, I can't interact with my research book?
I can't even delete it or put it on the bookshelf...
Is this some kind of glitch?
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